World Chain Debuts for Developer Use

posted  9 Jul 2024
Photo - World Chain Debuts for Developer Use
Worldcoin has introduced its L2 blockchain, World Chain, for a limited number of developers to test and give feedback before the mainnet launch by the end of summer 2024. Developers can also pre-deploy their applications.
This is going to evolve into mainnet at some point. But it's just an opportunity for people to test their infrastructure and be ready for when this turns into mainnet,
stated Remco Bloemen, the head of blockchain at the Worldcoin Foundation.
To facilitate a better understanding of the blockchain architecture, Worldcoin developers are partnering with projects like Alchemy and Elliptic. They are also using Reth, a new Ethereum client software by Paradigm that focuses on modularity and performance.

World Chain, built on OP Stack technology, will enable verified users to prioritize transaction processing and pay fees with Worldcoin tokens. Following a mandatory migration in the winter, it is projected that the network will accommodate at least 10 million users from the World App.