Free ETH, BTC, USDT: Test Token Faucets Unleashed

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Photo - Free ETH, BTC, USDT: Test Token Faucets Unleashed
To conduct actions on test networks, native blockchain tokens are necessary, as they are used to pay transaction fees. But where can one acquire tokens for testnets?
Although transfers in Testnet don't cost money, it can be difficult to obtain test tokens. This is due to the high demand on the test network from users who actively perform actions in anticipation of rewards.

One way to obtain test crypto is through a faucet, which is a special tool that allows users to transfer coins to their wallets and start using them.

In this article, we have compiled the largest crypto faucets for networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Starknet, Polygon, and many others. 

Ethereum Goerli

Ethereum Goerli is one of the most popular Ethereum test networks. Through the cross-chain bridge with Goerli, tokens can be transferred to other networks, such as Polygon, Linea, Scroll, Optimism, and a number of EVM blockchains.

Here are the most popular faucets for obtaining ETH Goerli: , where stablecoins such as DAI or USDT can also be claimed.

Often, the amount of test ETH from the faucets is too small (0.02-0.2 ETH) to perform any actions in the test network. Additionally, claiming test tokens requires "live" Twitter accounts. Therefore, users can purchase ETH Goerli through 1 ETH will cost 15-20 cents.


Starknet is a Layer 2 blockchain for Ethereum with ZK-STARK technology. Test ETH can be obtained on this blockchain through or


To obtain ETH in the Optimism Goerli network, you can use and

BTC Testnet

The Bitcoin test network is becoming increasingly popular due to the development of cross-chain ecosystems and oracles (so-called NFTs on Bitcoin). Here are the faucets for obtaining test BTC:

Polygon Mainnet

Polygon Mainnet is a Layer 2 on the Ethereum blockchain with low fees and fast transactions.

Transactions on the Polygon Mainnet are so cheap that some faucets allow you to claim a certain amount of MATIC for a couple of transfers. Here are some of those faucets:

Polygon Mumbai

If you're in need of test MATIC tokens for the Mumbai network, these faucets can help you out:

Arbitrum Goerli

Test tokens in this network can be obtained through and

BSC Testnet

Test BNB and ETH coins can be obtained through faucets such as:

Some other faucets

Here is a list of faucets for some other blockchains that may also be useful for obtaining test coins in their respective networks:











Security considerations

Although no real money is spent in the test network, caution should be exercised when connecting one's own wallet to any resource. It is best to use different wallets for Mainnet and Testnet to avoid putting one's own storage at risk of phishing and other forms of digital fraud.