📣 AI Adoption: China Takes the Lead

posted  9 Jul 2024
Photo - AI Adoption: China Takes the Lead
A study by SAS reveals that China is at the forefront of global AI implementation, with 83% of companies utilizing artificial intelligence. This is notably higher than the adoption rates in the UK (70%), the US (65%), and Australia (63%), with the global average at 53%.

In terms of effective AI usage, however, the US leads with 24%, followed by China at 19% and the UK at 11%. This figure represents the proportion of companies that have fully implemented AI and are reaping the maximum anticipated benefits.
With any new technology, organizations must navigate a discovery phase, separating hype from reality, to understand the complexity of real-world implementations in the enterprise. We have reached this moment with generative AI,
commented Bryan Harris, Executive Vice President and CTO at SAS.
The banking sector (17%), telecommunications (15%), and insurance (11%) display the highest AI usage. AI is most frequently adopted by sales (86%), marketing (85%), and IT/programming (81%) departments.

Meanwhile, merely 9% of executives stated they have a clear grasp of their company or department's AI integration strategy, and among active users of the new technology, this number rises to just 25%. This highlights that the absence of a defined strategy remains a predominant obstacle.

Despite these issues, the majority of companies (89%) report enhanced working conditions and employee satisfaction following AI integration, with 82% confirming reduced costs and increased customer bases.