Notcoin: How to Farm Tokens with Simple Screen Tapping?

Photo - Notcoin: How to Farm Tokens with Simple Screen Tapping?
Notcoin, a blockchain gaming project on TON (The Open Network), offers players the chance to earn points through screen clicks. It employs Telegram messenger as its foundational platform.
Telegram users can now farm Notcoin coins directly in-app, thanks to a dedicated Telegram bot. It involves rapid screen tapping and augmenting your coin balance by securing referrals or partaking in built-in quests.

Who's Behind Notcoin?

The Notcoin initiative stems from the creative minds at Openbuilders. These professionals are also connected with the Tonstarter launchpad on the TON blockchain. The Notcoin official X account was created in late November 2023, followed by the app’s debut in early 2024. 

As of press time, the Notcoin project is operational exclusively as a Telegram bot. Its primary, and sole, functionality is to enable users to gather gaming points by clicking. Apart from this core activity and some in-app spending options, the game offers no additional features.

Remarkably, this simplicity hasn't hindered the project's explosive growth to 6.3 million users within a mere ten days. The total points accumulated by users have surpassed the 1 trillion mark and continue to soar. 
The Notcoin team

The Notcoin team's retweet on reaching 6.3 million active users. Source:

The project's investment specifics are somewhat vague. According to Openbuilders' website, they have closed a funding round of $1.5 million, sourced from cryptocurrency investors such as Ventures, DWF Labs, Hexit Capital, Kingsway Capital, and others.

Token Farming Guide

It's crucial to note that Notcoin tokens aren't listed on any cryptocurrency exchange, making it impossible to buy or sell them. The coins offered for farming in the app are essentially in-game points. It remains unclear whether these points can be converted into NOT tokens in the future, especially in the event of an airdrop. However, the amount of points one has may likely influence the potential rewards.

The Notcoin app is designed exclusively for mobile use. To get started, players need to:

  • Navigate to the Telegram-бота.
  • Click on “Let’s go” and start tapping on the screen. 
The user interface of the Notcoin app. Source:

The user interface of the Notcoin app. Source:

  • Each screen tap consumes one unit of energy. Once depleted, energy replenishes at a rate of one unit per second.
Point farming in Notcoin. Source:

Point farming in Notcoin. Source:

Increasing Your Coin Count

Beyond screen taps, there are multiple ways to earn and accumulate more points:

  • Enhancing boosts, which include increasing your energy capacity, speeding up energy recovery, and enabling multitap (farming more with each tap).
  • Inviting friends. The more points your referrals earn, the more you accumulate on your account.
  • Completing Notcoin’s internal quests.
Ways to increase your point count in Notcoin. Source:

Ways to increase your point count in Notcoin. Source:

Quests are an effective way to boost your points. Notcoin leverages tasks from its partners, requiring actions like subscriptions or interactions with apps such as Fantom, Whale, and Tonstarter Launchpad. This approach highlights Notcoin's strategy for revenue – drawing in advertisers and directing a customer base towards them. Most tasks are free, allowing users to interact with the projects they follow.

Telegram channel owners and influencers have the option to form their own 'Squad.' Each member contributes to the squad’s overall rating, and the squad leader earns more referral points. To join a squad, players must enter their name or link in the Telegram bot.

Will the Project Do an Airdrop?

The motto of Notcoin, "Probably Nothing," carries a dual implication. On one hand, it reflects the team's stance that the game is just for fun, without any formal promises to users. On the other hand, in the crypto community, such phrases often signal significant shifts. Thus, this could be a subtle hint.

There are a few signs that suggest the potential launch of a token. 

Firstly, the term 'Coin' in Notcoin hints at a future currency. Secondly, the project is closely linked with the TON blockchain. Thirdly, some team members have mentioned in private media interviews that we can expect a token "in the coming months."

Is There a Risk of Notcoin Being a Scam?

In the unpredictable crypto world, engaging with Notcoin is not without its risks. The game, accessible via a Telegram app, doesn't ask for extra permissions, which makes it appear risk-free apart from the time investment.

Yet, caution is advised, particularly with third-party apps involved in Notcoin quests. Also, it's essential to rely on information from Notcoin's official sources and refrain from buying any unrelated tokens.

Final Words

Given the large number of Notcoin users, the likelihood of significant rewards from a potential airdrop is relatively low for average players. The best chance of benefitting seems to lie with squad owners and Telegram channel managers who can attract more referrals.

However, since participation in Notcoin is free and not very time-consuming, it might be worth considering. 

Interesting Facts

  • In the game, if you double-tap a coin and simultaneously swipe with another finger on the "Magnifying Glass" tool without lifting it, points start accumulating quickly.
  • The Notcoin project has inspired an array of memes and lifehacks. Some users have even crafted devices to avoid daily manual screen taps, like attaching a mandarin or a sausage to a drill, which then rotates to tap the screen.