📣 Chromia Gears Up for Mainnet Launch

posted  2 Jul 2024
Photo - Chromia Gears Up for Mainnet Launch
The team behind Chromia, a relational blockchain for decentralized applications, has announced the mainnet launch set for July 16, 2024. Chromia employs its unique programming language, Rell, which highly resembles traditional SQL.

Developers highlight that Rell greatly expands the possibilities for computational tasks and decentralized application development. The initial mainnet phase will serve as a minimally viable product (MVP) but will include all core functionalities. 
Launching the MVP Mainnet is a pivotal moment for Chromia. It's not just a technical milestone; it's the beginning of something we believe has enormous potential
stated co-founder Alex Mizrahi.
The Chromia token (CHR), currently on BNB Chain and Ethereum, will be fully integrated into the Chromia network from the start. Users will continue to delegate tokens, pay transaction fees, and more, with a dedicated cross-chain bridge available for transferring CHR.