📣 Worldcoin Bolsters Team with Google and Apple Veterans

posted  2 Jul 2024
Photo - Worldcoin Bolsters Team with Google and Apple Veterans
Tools for Humanity (TFH), the developer of the Worldcoin project, has recruited four former leaders from top tech companies (Google, Apple, and X) to enhance data privacy and security. Damien Kieran, who previously managed privacy at X, will now take on a similar role at Worldcoin.
I look forward to continuing to engage with regulators and data privacy officers in the EU and around the world to answer their questions, and share information transparently and debunk common misperceptions
said Kieran.
Two former Google specialists, Adrian Ludwig and Ajay Patel, are among the new hires. Ludwig, who worked on Android security, will become the Chief Information Security Officer. Patel will lead the World ID development team, having previously managed the Google Payments system.

The fourth addition is Rich Heley, with experience at Meta, Apple, and Tesla. He will take on the role of Chief Device Officer, overseeing the development and enhancement of the eye-scanning technology, essential for biometric data collection in the project.

These hires, focused on improving data privacy and security, come amidst regulatory investigations into Worldcoin's activities. Specifically, the project has agreed to temporarily cease operations in Spain until the end of the year and in Germany until the investigations are fully resolved.