🔥 zkSync Introduces ZK Nation

posted  10 Jun 2024
Photo - zkSync Introduces ZK Nation
L2 blockchain zkSync has launched the ZK Nation community, designed to govern, protect, and develop the ZKsync protocol.

This launch follows the successful implementation of the v24 upgrade. zkSync recently announced that this update was the final necessary step before transferring network governance to the community.
The zkSync governance system consists of three on-chain bodies: the Token Assembly, the Security Council, and the Guardians. These bodies will operate within various legal frameworks and interact with zkSync's smart contracts and coordination channels, such as the initial zkSync delegation and the Tally voting portal.

The Token Assembly consists of token holders who delegate their voting rights to representatives, known as delegates. Token holders can also choose to be their own delegates and vote directly. This body will also propose and vote on network updates and parameter changes.

According to the ZK Nation blog, details on the zkSync protocol delegation process, token distribution, and opportunities for active participation in zkSync's development will be announced this week. Further insights into the governance structure of ZK Nation will be made available in the coming weeks.