🚀 Martin Shkreli Suspected of Breaching Parole

posted  19 Jun 2024
Photo - Martin Shkreli Suspected of Breaching Parole
Adam Cochran, a crypto commentator, has suggested that Martin Shkreli may have violated his parole terms by being involved with the DJT token on the Solana blockchain.

Initially, the DJT token was speculated to be connected to Barron Trump, Donald Trump’s son, but no evidence supported this. Arkham Intelligence, an analytical company, later offered a $150,000 reward for verifiable information on the token's creator.

Crypto sleuth ZachXBT reported receiving a confession from Shkreli, who claimed to be the creator of DJT and provided evidence. Shkreli also stated that Barron Trump co-founded the token.

Creating a token would violate Shkreli’s parole conditions, which require him to disclose financial information and avoid self-employment that gives him access to funds or client investments. These conditions are valid for three years since his 2022 release.

Additionally, the funding for DJT purportedly came from Shkreli’s KuCoin wallet, unreported in his financial disclosures.

Cochran believes this indicates Shkreli either failed to report relevant financial information or managed investments on behalf of Barron Trump, both of which are parole violations.

Alternatively, if Shkreli fabricated his involvement with DJT, he could face fraud charges.

UPD: Martin Shkreli's involvement in the creation of the DJT token has been confirmed. Investigator ZachXBT received the promised $150,000 reward from Arkham Intelligence.