🔥 Chainalysis Embarks on New Partnership

posted  28 Mar 2024
Photo - Chainalysis Embarks on New Partnership
Chainalysis, a blockchain analytics company, has entered into a partnership with the consulting group Huron to bolster its offerings in the digital asset sector. The collaboration primarily targets in-depth consultancy for legal investigations and financial matters for both businesses and individuals.

Considering Huron's diverse client base, which includes governmental entities as well as legal firms, the partnership also indirectly expands the capacity for investigating a variety of crimes. Chainalysis, in exchange, will acquire valuable experience in implementing its technologies in conventional business environments.
This collaboration with Huron is at the heart of our mission; extending our software and services to new vectors of the economy to help build trust in blockchains,
commented Chainalysis Chief Marketing Officer Ian Andrews.
In an earlier analysis, Chainalysis highlighted cryptocurrency adoption rates worldwide, pinpointing the poorest nations as the leading users of digital assets, with India achieving the top ranking among all countries evaluated.