🔥 Celo Advances Toward Ethereum Migration

posted  8 Jul 2024
Photo - Celo Advances Toward Ethereum Migration
The Celo Foundation, the entity behind the L1 blockchain Celo, has successfully launched the Dango L2 testnet. Developed on the OP stack, Dango is now part of the Optimism Superchain ecosystem, which includes other projects like Base and Zora. The deployment of this L2 blockchain is a key component of the community's plan for migration to Ethereum.

Developers indicate that after the mainnet goes live, users will experience faster token transfers between Ethereum's mainnet and Dango thanks to a decreased block time to 2s. Additionally, the platform will continue accepting various tokens for transaction fees.
Since chain data and state will be preserved, there is no expected impact to most user-facing dApps,
the official Celo statement explains.
Moreover, the update will continue to support the transfer of assets to phone numbers or other social identifiers via SocialConnect, while also minimizing fees to enhance the user experience. The launch of the Dango mainnet is scheduled for January 2025.