Vitalik Buterin Documentary Nears Completion

posted  4 Jul 2024
Photo - Vitalik Buterin Documentary Nears Completion
A documentary film about Vitalik Buterin, titled Vitalik: An Ethereum Story, is nearing its release after more than three years of production. The feature-length film will be complemented by a series of short films called Ethereum Stories.  
Linda Xi, the product manager at Coinbase, points out that the documentary is almost ready to go public. The film’s creation was enabled by supporters who backed it via Mirror crowdfunding.
Over three years of filming, our cameras witnessed history unfold: the NFT boom, a war upending the world order, scandals toppling bad actors, and the most ambitious software upgrade in history,
detailed the EthereumFilm article.
The trailer will be launched on July 23, available on the Zora network, allowing for funding of the film’s distribution.  

The global premiere of the documentary is set for September 18, with a streaming release expected in the winter of 2024-2025.