How to Add EVM Networks to Metamask?

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Photo - How to Add EVM Networks to Metamask?
Metamask is an Ethereum-compatible wallet that is often used as a Google Chrome extension for linking to many exchanges and marketplaces.
Once downloaded, only the native Ethereum network is available on Metamask. As you know, many blockchains are built on Ethereum. They are generally known as EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks. All Ethereum wallet addresses start with 0x and can be used simultaneously within one wallet.

For example, the Trust Wallet supports Avalanche, Polygon, BSC, and dozen more EVM networks, without the need for additional configuration.
Networks available in the Trust Wallet

Networks available in the Trust Wallet

There are 2 ways to add a network to Metamask: manually and using a third-party program. 

The first option is less risky because you don’t need to connect your vault to unknown services. To add a network, go to the wallet settings and select the "Networks" section. Fill in the following data in the box: Network Name, RPC URL, Chain ID, Currency Symbol, and Block Explorer URL. All this information can be found on the official websites of the blockchain you want to add.

As an example, consider the Celo Chain network settings:

Network nameCelo (Mainnet)

Chain ID42220

Currency symbolCELO

Block explorer URL 
Adding a Celo Network to MetaMask manually

Adding a Celo Network to MetaMask manually

The second option is to integrate the network through a special site. The most reliable resource is To add a network, you need to connect your wallet, search for the desired blockchain, and click “Add Network”. Metamask will ask you to confirm the action with your signature.
Adding a network using

Adding a network using

Chainlist also offers developers to add their own networks for future users. So you should be careful when searching for the desired network because everyone can upload their own software to the site.