🌋 Trump Team Sends Back Excessive Winklevoss Donations

posted  22 Jun 2024
Photo - Trump Team Sends Back Excessive Winklevoss Donations
Donald Trump's committee returned part of the donations from the Winklevoss brothers, which exceeded the legally established limit of $844,600 per person. Each brother donated $1 million in Bitcoin. It is unclear whether the committee returned BTC or an equivalent dollar amount.

The confirmed funds will be distributed among the campaign headquarters and various Republican political committees across the states. The Winklevoss brothers stated that their support for Trump is tied to his positive stance on cryptocurrencies and other economic issues.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has consistently criticized Biden's policies on digital assets. He has met with representatives from mining companies, started accepting cryptocurrency donations, and promised to pardon Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht.
While Biden stifles innovation with more regulation and higher taxes, President Trump is ready to encourage American leadership in this and other emerging technologies,
said senior campaign advisor Brian Hughes.
It's worth noting that Trump's stance on cryptocurrencies has significantly changed since his presidency, during which he spoke negatively about Bitcoin and supported the US dollar. His public rhetoric shifted around 2022 as digital assets gained popularity among voters.