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The impact of blockchain is not limited to finance but extends into other traditional sectors, including smartphone manufacturing. Leveraging the convenience of Android devices and the security of blockchain, developers have crafted comprehensive solutions for cryptocurrency interactions.
The smartphones featured in this article vary in their technological offerings and features, yet all are engineered to facilitate seamless integration with blockchain and web3 applications. From secure crypto wallet functionality to access to the metaverse and dApps, these devices unlock a range of possibilities.

HTC Exodus 1

HTC Exodus 1 marries the simplicity of traditional Android devices with the security of a hardware crypto wallet. Despite its release in December 2018, it remains one of HTC's premier offerings in the cryptocurrency smartphone market.
HTC Exodus 1. Source:

HTC Exodus 1. Source:

HTC Exodus 1 Features:

  • Display: 6-inch Quad HD+ with an 18:9 aspect ratio;
  • Internal Storage: 128 GB;
  • RAM: 6 GB;
  • Battery: 3500 mAh.

A distinctive feature of Exodus 1 is the Zion Vault, an integrated crypto wallet that ensures data security through a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). This secure environment is activated whenever a transaction is signed, temporarily isolating it from the operating system.

Zion supports BTC, LTC, ERC-20 (Ethereum network), and ERC-721 tokens (used for NFTs). Furthermore, smartphone owners can access decentralized applications via the Opera Dapp browser.

HTC Exodus 1 Price: $350.

HTC Desire 22 Pro

Following Exodus 1, HTC unveiled its HTC Desire 22 Pro a year later. This device aims to simplify engagement with the metaverse, providing users with a gateway to the digital universe.

The HTC Desire 22 Pro is a mid-range smartphone that maintains the visual and ergonomic qualities of traditional devices, featuring rounded corners, a comfortable grip, and slightly prominent bezels. 

HTC Desire 22 Pro Features:

  • RAM: 8 GB;
  • Display: A 6.6-inch IPS screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate;
  • Weight: 206 grams.

The Desire 22 Pro stands out for its integration with VIVERSE, a metaverse platform built on AI, VR, and blockchain. It also includes the Vive crypto wallet, supporting both fungible cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
The Avatar Creation Process. Source:

The Avatar Creation Process. Source:

Within VIVERSE, users can create and customize personal avatars, interact with others, and even design their own digital realms. Although the HTC Desire 22 Pro offers metaverse access, for an immersive experience, VR headsets are recommended.

HTC Desire 22 Pro Price: €239.

Nothing Phone (1)

In July 2022, the electronics manufacturer Nothing, in collaboration with Polygon, unveiled the development of a novel cryptocurrency smartphone — Nothing Phone (1). 

With this smartphone, users gain not only access to applications and games on the Polygon network but also to cryptocurrency payments and decentralized identification through Polygon ID. The crypto project aims to make Phone (1) and other Nothing devices "future-ready" for Web3. 

Nothing Phone (1) Features:

  • Display: A 6.55-inch AMOLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate;
  • RAM options: 8/12 GB;
  • Weight: 193.5 grams.

The design of Nothing Phone (1) is reminiscent of the iPhone 12, with rounded corners and a similar camera setup. However, unlike Apple products, Phone (1) features distinctive "glyphs" (light strips on the back panel), giving it a futuristic appearance.
Nothing Phone (1). Source:

Nothing Phone (1). Source:

The device includes 20 glyphs in total, with 10 designated for notifications and another 10 for calls, allowing users to customize glyph patterns for specific apps and notification types within those apps. 

Nothing Phone (1) Price: ranges from $779 to $1249.

Solana Saga

Solana Saga. Source:

Solana Saga. Source:

In April 2023, Solana showcased its inaugural cryptocurrency smartphone, Solana Saga. This device melds the benefits of Web2 devices with blockchain innovations, featuring the Seed Vault for enhanced crypto wallet security, and the Solana dApp Store for dApp installation.

Solana Saga sports a sleek design, comparable to the latest Android smartphones, and is built from robust metals, fully equipped for both communication and entertainment. Even without its crypto features, it stands as a strong contender against models like Samsung Galaxy S23 or iPhone 14.

The first Saga features a bright 6.67-inch AMOLED screen with 1080p resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The battery capacity is 4110 mAh, and as one Reddit user notes, “battery life is not bad and does last me a full day.”

Additional Specs of Solana Saga:

  • Weight: 247 grams;
  • Internal storage: 512 GB;
  • RAM: 12 GB.

Saga is equipped with a dual-camera setup: a 50 MP main camera and a 12 MP ultra-wide camera. While its camera performance exceeds some Android models, the iPhone 14's photos tend to be sharper and more color-accurate.

While maintaining a quality standard comparable to traditional smartphones, Solana Saga's unique selling point is its web3 features. 

The smartphone incorporates the Seed Vault solution, securely storing private keys and seed phrases separate from the application layer and facilitating interactions with dApps run on the device or in a web browser. In conjunction with the Solana dApp Store, it simplifies engagement with blockchain technology.

When it first went on sale in May 2023, the smartphone was priced at $1000. Its current price is now $599.

Solana Saga Chapter 2

In January 2024, Solana announced Solana Saga Chapter 2. It's unclear if Chapter 2 is indeed a smartphone, as the team describes it as a "product" and responds to inquiries about its nature by stating:
This product will further what we set out to do with the Solana Mobile Saga – which was to make crypto products and services more accessible to the public by putting Web3 securely in the palms of their hands.
Official sales are slated to begin in the first half of 2025, but Solana notes this timeline is approximate, and Chapter 2 could be released earlier or later. No details about the product's specifications have been provided, suggesting the team is still gauging interest and has not yet begun development. 
Solana Saga Chapter 2. Source:

Solana Saga Chapter 2. Source:

The announcement of Chapter 2 came a month after the sales of the first Saga, during a surge in the meme coin BONK. Buyers of the smartphone could receive 30 million BONK, valued at $900 (with the device itself priced at $600), indicating that a potential airdrop of other Solana ecosystem tokens could be a motivator for pre-orders of the new smartphone. 

Pre-order Price: $450.

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