🔥 ShapeShift Takes the Lead in THORChain Trading

posted  29 Mar 2024
Photo - ShapeShift Takes the Lead in THORChain Trading
Over the past few days, decentralized exchange ShapeShift has climbed to the top spot in terms of daily trading volume facilitated by THORChain technology. ShapeShift's average transaction size reaches $123,697, significantly outpacing its competitors (DefiSpot, TS Ledger, THORSwap) by nearly double.

However, when looking at the aggregate trading volume, the platform holds the third position with $573 million, behind THORSwap at $642 million and the Trust Wallet at $894 million. Holding approximately 22% of the market share, ShapeShift is poised to maintain its standing for the foreseeable future.

Reacting to these achievements, ShapeShift founder Erik Voorhees highlighted that transforming the service into a decentralized platform has been a beneficial decision for the project. He also mentioned his role in ShapeShift DAO, emphasizing his status as a regular member rather than a leader.
Despite every setback, crypto is relentlessly working, and the saddened defenders of those fiat ramparts have but years of decay ahead, while a more virtuous civilization builds justly upon their ruins,
Voorhees remarked in his post.
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