The Tragic Fate of 5 Crypto Billionaires

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Photo - The Tragic Fate of 5 Crypto Billionaires
Cryptocurrency billionaire and millionaire deaths, similar to those in stock trading or other fields, occur at a comparable rate. But their deaths invariably draw public scrutiny, prompting questions about a potential link to cryptocurrency and concerns about the aftermath of their digital assets.

The Mysterious Death of Crypto Legend John McAfee

John McAfee was found dead in his cell at Sant Esteve Sesrovires prison in Spain, where he was awaiting extradition to the U.S. This unfortunate incident took place on June 23, 2021, when McAfee was 75 years old.


John McAfee's life was a rollercoaster of risk and daring. Renowned as a crypto anarchist and libertarian, he was also the mind behind one of the foremost antivirus software of its time, founder of an aerotrekking school, self-admitted drug user, keeper of a sizable harem, and even a U.S. presidential aspirant. For an in-depth look at his myriad accomplishments and escapades, you can refer to our article here. In his later years, much of his vast fortune was squandered on arms, drugs, lavish parties, and legal challenges. One of his final tweets even confessed he was broke.
John McAfee, a man who indulged in life

John McAfee, a man who indulged in life's every whim. Source: Twitter

Cause of Death

The authorities have ruled his death a suicide. Yet, his wife consistently asserts that John showed no signs of wanting to end his life and would never have harmed himself. The truth behind these claims may forever remain elusive. Nevertheless, fans of his larger-than-life persona and defiant philosophy have kept his online presence alive by maintaining activity on McAfee's account.

The Mysterious Death of Crypto Millionaire Mircea Popescu

On June 23, 2021, Mircea was found dead on a beach in Costa Rica. He was 41.

Background: Popescu, an early crypto adopter, once claimed ownership of a staggering 1 million BTC. Back in 2012, he pioneered the cryptocurrency exchange, MPEx. As a fervent Bitcoin advocate, Popescu was infamous for his unpredictable temper outbursts and actions that frequently teetered on the edge of legality. In a notable instance, he brazenly offered a 1 BTC reward for the capture of a developer advocating for the annual increase of BTC's block size. Furthermore, he brazenly threatened to destabilize the market by liquidating his entire asset pool if such a block size increase was approved.
Mircea Popescu spent significant periods in Egypt. Source: trustnodes

Mircea Popescu spent significant periods in Egypt. Source: trustnodes

Cause of Death: Initial investigations suggest that Mircea met his fate through drowning during a swim. The whereabouts of his vast Bitcoin holdings remain shrouded in mystery. Relatives have proclaimed their lack of access to his digital wallet's keys. If their claims hold water, an astounding 1 million BTC could be irretrievably gone.

The Crypto CEO Death: Tiantian Kullander

One of the co-founders of Amber Group, Tiantian Kullander, tragically passed away on November 23, 2022, at the young age of 30. This sudden loss has stirred much speculation and intrigue within the crypto community. What adds to the mystery is that Tiantian had never complained about health issues. Moreover, this crypto death occurred just hours after a tweet in which he claimed that he was being pursued by American and Israeli intelligence agencies.

Background: Tiantian Kullander, a Hong Kong-based entrepreneur, was a notable figure in the crypto world, fondly known as "TT." In 2017, he established the Amber Group alongside several former colleagues from prestigious firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, where he had been a credit trader.
His trading acumen was recognized in 2019 when he secured a spot on the esteemed Forbes "30 Under 30" list. 
At the time of his death, his wealth was estimated at $3 billion. It remains unclear whether his loved ones have access to his extensive crypto holdings.
The crypto billionaire death sent shockwaves through Amber Group

The crypto billionaire death sent shockwaves through Amber Group's ranks. Source: thepeople

Cause of Death: The events leading up to the crypto billionaire death remain enigmatic. Though Tiantian was known to be reserved, keeping his private life under wraps and seldom engaging with the media, it's public knowledge that he was a family man, with a wife and son. Those close to him have stated that he led a clean, active lifestyle, refraining from substance abuse. What is known is that he died in his residence, and perplexingly, no official investigations into his death have been initiated.

The Recent Crypto Death: Fernando Perez Algaba

In a harrowing incident, children playing near the town of Ingeniero Budghe in Argentina discovered the dismembered remains of Fernando Perez Algaba on July 28, 2023. Fernando had been officially missing since July 19. His family disclosed that he had been receiving ominous voice messages from an individual named Iglesias. This malevolent figure demanded a $70,000 ransom, threatening to amputate Fernando's hands and blind him. Tragically, this threat became a reality when Fernando's detached hands, identifiable by their unique tattoos, were found in a red leather suitcase by the river. Subsequently, his head and torso were recovered from the same river. Fernando was 32 when he met this gruesome end.

Background: Fernando Perez Algaba was a testament to self-reliance and ambition. He began his journey as a pizza delivery boy at the age of 13 and later worked in an auto repair shop. Through diligent savings, he managed to purchase a used car, which he then rented out. When the cryptocurrency wave arrived, Fernando, acting on the advice of friends, made modest investments in BTC and ETH in 2017. His investment in Ethereum notably paid off. He channeled a portion of his earnings into a luxury car rental venture while maintaining an active interest in crypto investments. By 2022, he had amassed a net worth of approximately $3 million. Regrettably, he had lost a significant chunk of this wealth by the time of his tragic death, a downturn attributed to an unfavorable crypto market and a slide into gambling.
Fernando Algaba was known for his unique tattoos. Source: Instagram

Fernando Algaba was known for his unique tattoos. Source: Instagram

Cause of Death: Evidence strongly suggests that the crypto millionaire death is tied to the criminal syndicate known as "Barra Bravas". This group is infamously recognized for blackmailing Argentine football clubs and, according to unofficial sources, runs a broad network of sports betting outlets. The audacity of this gang has grown to such an extent in Argentina that they allegedly threatened football icon Lionel Messi, captain of the World Cup-winning Argentine national team, using firearms.

Reports indicate that leaders of the syndicate pocket up to 30% of the transfer fees when players leave clubs, and between 15-20% of the wages of certain players from the national team. Investigations have revealed that Fernando Perez Algaba accumulated a significant debt in a casino to someone closely related to the head of the gang, and he had declined to settle this debt.
Further complicating the investigation, Fernando's manager and girlfriend, Flavia Bomrad, has been taken into custody. During a search of her residence, they discovered traces of blood, hair strands, and a ring belonging to the deceased in her car.

The investigation surrounding the crypto millionaire death is ongoing.

The Latest Crypto Death: Christian Peev

On August 16 in Sofia, the remains of Christian Peev, a cryptocurrency tycoon holding dual citizenship in Bulgaria and the USA, were unearthed. The brutality of the crime stunned even veteran police officers: Peev was not merely beaten to death; his assailant gruesomely dismembered him, attempting to dispose of the pieces by flushing them down a toilet. A clogged sewage system led maintenance workers to discover parts of the body of the crypto millionaire, who had vanished a week prior. Christian was 41 years old.

Background: More than a decade ago, Christian Peev departed Bulgaria. He furthered his studies at an American university and subsequently amassed wealth through cryptocurrency investments. His investment portfolio spanned DeFi projects and shares of digital firms. The precise extent of his assets remains a mystery, but police are now initiating procedures to access his cryptocurrency exchange accounts. In the apartment he inhabited, no physical crypto wallets were found.
Christian Peev alongside his alleged murderer, Vesco Valchinov (on the left). Source: Mirror

Christian Peev alongside his alleged murderer, Vesco Valchinov (on the left). Source: Mirror

Cause of Death: The primary suspect, Vesco Valchinov, also a Bulgarian national, has already been arrested. He worked as a bartender in a club frequently visited by Peev. They had known each other for about five years and often spent time together. Surveillance footage from Peev's residence revealed that on August 8, both men entered together. However, by the morning of August 9, only Valchinov was seen departing. He made multiple subsequent visits, presumably retrieving parts of the body he hadn’t been able to dispose of initially — notably the head and pelvic bones. An accomplice in this grim task was another Bulgarian, Konstantin Subotinov, who too is now in custody. 

The hypothesized motives behind this heinous act center around jealousy and financial disputes.

These crypto-deaths can be attributed to various reasons, but a recurrent challenge faced in such cases is the transference of digital wealth to next of kin. Current solutions are far from ideal. We have explored viable scenarios in collaboration with seasoned legal professionals; details can be found here. 
Another potential strategy involves the use of abstract accounts, which bypass the need for traditional access keys. For more on this topic, check here.