Robotic Canine Joins the Workforce at Alaska Airport

posted  2 Apr 2024
Photo - Robotic Canine Joins the Workforce at Alaska Airport
Alaska's approach to wildlife management at Fairbanks International Airport now includes a high-tech solution: a robot dog from Boston Dynamics named Aurora by the airport's crew. Over the next few months, this robotic canine will be put to the test, chasing away birds and smaller animals from the runways.

Alaska Senator Ryan Marlow is curious to see how larger animals like bears and moose react to this mechanical patrol. If successful, he suggests tweaking its design to mimic a fox or coyote, enhancing its intimidation factor.
The sole purpose of this is to act as a predator, and allow for us to invoke that response in wildlife without having to use other means,
Senator Marlow remarked.
With an investment of $70,000, acquiring Aurora has proven to be more economical than the upkeep of a live dog, saving on the costs of care, feeding, and training. Aurora's use also promises to obviate the need for explosives, chemicals, and other disruptive wildlife management practices near the airstrip.