🌋 Amazon Steps Back from Just Walk Out Technology

posted  3 Apr 2024
Photo - Amazon Steps Back from Just Walk Out Technology
Amazon has decided to phase out its AI-powered cashierless 'Just Walk Out' system in its grocery stores. It turns out that, despite the use of automation technologies like cameras and sensors, the system still required the efforts of thousands of employees in India who were tasked with real-time product labeling verification.

Instead, the company has rolled out a new technology called Dash Carts. These are smart shopping carts equipped with built-in scanners that allow customers to immediately scan and pay for any items. Additionally, the company is reintroducing self-service checkouts in its stores for non-employee customers.
The primary role of our Machine Learning data associates is to annotate video images, which is necessary for continuously improving the underlying machine learning model powering,
said an Amazon spokesperson.
Remarkably, Amazon has recently launched a palm scanning feature for biometric payment through regular smartphones and invested $2.75 billion in the AI startup Anthropic, known for creating the chatbot Claude. This marks the largest external investment in the company's history.