New market features: VisaMetaFi crypto payment tool token

Photo - New market features: VisaMetaFi crypto payment tool token
A new project service token has been launched on the cryptocurrency market. What is VisaMetaFi? What features and benefits are behind the crypto payment tool? And what does its tokenomics look like? Take a read and find out with Gagarin News.

What is VisaMetaFi?

VisaMetaFi is a versatile cryptocurrency payment tool that aims to solve the sector’s current problems. It combines the advantages of Web 3.0, DAO, DeFi, NFT, and metaverses.

With its Layer-2 technology, the VisaMetaFi protocol allows businesses and enterprises to accept payments in stablecoins and popular cryptocurrencies without any extra complexity or barriers. It offers three types of decentralized online cards for individual customers, which can be used to make instant transactions without long waiting times. Users can manage finances, pay bills, make online purchases, apply for credit, and all in just a few clicks.

VisaMetaFi advantages:
the harmonious coexistence of fiat and crypto-assets;
  • reliability and transparency;
  • security and fraud protection with encryption;
  • easy to integrate and use;
  • no fees.

The project website says that the product saves users from switching between blockchains, services, and apps for transfers and payments in cryptocurrency and fiat money. The client can send and receive payments anytime and anywhere. The tool also allows you to interact with stablecoins without restrictions. And finally, a card that supports cryptocurrencies helps avoid unnecessary fees and commissions, as well as the complexities of immersing yourself in Defi and metaverses.

The name MetaFi is a combination of Meta and DeFi. The concept includes metadata standards of different technologies.

VISA tokenomics

VISA is a native token of the BEP-20 standard of the VisaMetaFi crypto payment tool.

The utility cryptocurrency was launched on July 1, 2022, on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. Pre-sale of the cryptocurrency will end on October 1. According to the project’s tokenomics, 20% of the budget is allocated for this. The total supply is limited to 1 trillion tokens. Most of the 25% of coins are intended for liquidity pools and mining. The distribution also includes:
  • 18% for the treasury;
  • 15% for the team and consultants;
  • 10% for investors;
  • 7% for marketing;
  • 4% for public sales and 1% for the airdrop.

How to buy a VISA token?

The token presale runs in 6 stages at the official website Each of them lasts 15 days. You can buy tokens for BUSD.

To do that, you need to go to the VisaMetaFi website and click on the “Buy IDO” button. You will be redirected to the offer page. Connect your cryptocurrency wallet and enter the necessary amount of BUSD for which you are ready to buy VISA. Note that the price changes depending on the sales block.

After that, tokens are locked in your wallet. At the end of the 6th block of sales, the system unlocks them for transfer to other wallets and exchanges.

Keep in mind that we do not recommend you buy this token. This article is strictly informative. Besides, like any new product, it is not time-tested: the actual interaction with the tool may differ from how the creators present it on the website.