Trend Micro experts talked about security problems in metaverses

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Photo - Trend Micro experts talked about security problems in metaverses
According to security experts from Trend Micro company, which deals with anti-virus protection, for the first time in the existence of the metaverse, there will be a lot of criminals taking advantage of security loopholes.
The experts believe that metaverses can have vulnerabilities that will reveal themselves soon. Trend Micro considers some of the main problems to be the problem of regulating space in metaverses and security flaws of non-fungible tokens. Also, specialists are concerned about the possibility of the development of a parallel “dark metaverse” similar to the darknet.
Besides, nobody cancels the problems with confidentiality, threats of reprisals in reality, and usual hacker attacks.
said the experts.
As for the security of NFT, according to experts, since the ownership of the token is verified using a blockchain, data interception attacks are possible. Also, if we talk about simpler blockchains, here the danger comes from the so-called “Sybil attacks” when a user connects to a node that attackers already control.
In this case, the fraudsters will have control over half of the peer-to-peer nodes that verify transactions. This would give them control over token ownership verification. And it’s also worth remembering that for the metaverses, there is still no legal framework for observing property rights, and this can become a problem in confirming the rights to own a token.
Trend Micro said.
As for the criminal environment, the company believes that criminal groups can actively penetrate metaverses because a lot of multimillion-dollar transactions will take place inside the virtual space, and there will be active electronic commerce. Experts believe that “pump and dump” schemes will be used in this case, when the value of digital assets will be specifically changed due to fake recommendations, and after users buy them, there will be a price dump.
In the early stages, it is hardly possible to control this process, and users will not be able to get the help they need.
Trend Micro security experts think.
According to them, it will take time, most likely two to three years, for law enforcement agencies to get the experience they need and develop methods and techniques to combat meta-crime.