Most popular blockchain games in 2022

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Crypto games are known as blockchain games that allow players to earn in-game tokens and NFTs.
According to DappRadar statistics, venture capital investment in crypto games and Metaverse projects reached $1.3 billion in the Q3 of 2022. Though this figure was down 48% compared to the Q2, it was twice as much compared to the same period in 2021. 

With the Play-to-Earn format, crypto games erase the line between hobby and work. Now everyone can make money by playing their favorite games. The blockchain gaming industry is expanding rapidly. Every year new projects take their first steps in the GameFi sector and capture gamers' attention. Which projects dominate the market? Let's review the latest crypto games. 

Calvaria (RIA)

A highly scalable strategic crypto card game. Each card represents a specific NFT warrior with unique abilities and strengths. Players collect cards to get a stronger character. All cards and NFTs can be bought or sold in the marketplace. In general, all assets collected in the game can be sold on secondary markets. 

Calvaria has two modes: a single-player mode and a player vs. player mode. In the first game mode, players proceed step by step through the levels, collecting new cards, bonuses, and resources that will be useful for strategizing. Earned rewards can be used in the player vs. player mode. The player who wins three rounds earns in-game RIA tokens.

At the first stage of the presale, RIA tokens cost $0.01, the developers managed to raise almost $1 million. With each new round, the value of the tokens increases. With each new round, the value of the tokens increases. By the tenth round, RIA tokens will be worth $0.055, which is a 450% increase from their initial price.

Silks (STT)

Silks is a blockchain game with metaverse elements. Players race and breed their horses in hopes to earn in-game tokens. The game uses real-life data on thoroughbred racehorses. Silks offers several NFT collections needed for gameplay: Silks Avatars, Horses, Stables, and Land.

Avatars are a central component of gameplay, representing the users. They vary in rarity and characteristics. Players can't buy a horse and earn in the game without avatars.

Silks Avatars are currently on sale, with over 65% of the avatars sold. NFT collection ranked among the top ten sports NFTs on OpenSea.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is considered one of the best new blockchain-based games. It combines the P2E format with the Tamaverse metaverse and its native token is the closest rival to Dogecoin. 

The TAMA token is an integral part of the game. Users can use it to mint, breed, battle their Tamadoge pets in the metaverse and earn rewards. In addition, TAMA is used to buy digital food and doggie toys. 5% of tokens are burned with every transaction to ensure a deflationary token mechanism within the game.

The TAMA presale lasted about two months and raised $19 million. The game developers conducted an Initial Exchange Offering on the OKX exchange. After the IEO, the price went up almost 2000%.

Tamadoge's first NFT collection of 100 ultra-rare pets was the top trending collection on OpenSea, after raising 250 ETH over a single day. NFTs from this collection have good chances of being at the top of the game leaderboard.

Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is another popular P2E crypto game in 2022 for sports fans.
The game has an extensive ecosystem. It offers its own decentralized Battle Swap exchange, where players can trade in-game IBAT tokens and exchange in-game rewards. 

Additionally, the game offers mini-games and other opportunities to make money with NFTs, such as Battle Games. The first minigame to launch in Battle Infinity is the Premier League. It's an NFT-based fantasy sports game integrated with the Metaverse. ТAll in-game items and characters are traded in the Battle Market. Players can upgrade their avatars through the Battle Arena.

IBAT tokens have so far been listed on the LBank and PancakeSwap exchanges. 
The game also supports staking, with a total of $3 million in assets locked up. IBAT owners earn 14-25% per year (on fixed staking), and 12% (on flexible staking). 

Crypto-gaming is a promising branch of the blockchain industry, which is also one of the most profitable investment options in 2022. Consequently, the above projects have pretty good chances to achieve high figures next year.