Linea's Mainnet Launch: An Airdrop Guide

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Photo - Linea's Mainnet Launch: An Airdrop Guide
Linea is a blockchain platform devised by the Metamask wallet developers. It's built upon the zkEVM architecture and represents Ethereum's Layer 2 blockchain.
Back in the spring, we created a guide for the Linea testnet, which helped users receive a variety of NFTs. Linea has been active on Mainnet for two weeks now, and its DeFi ecosystem is gradually growing with the introduction of new projects.

In this piece, we will discuss the various activities available on Linea that could lead to securing an airdrop. We'll also consider the potential costs you might incur while interacting with the network.

Linea's Official Bridge

This cross-chain bridge enables the transfer of ETH from the Ethereum network to Linea, and vice versa. Currently, the average transaction fee stands at $10, but it's possible to snag lower gas fees either late at night or early in the morning (considering Eastern European time).

In theory, engaging with the official bridge could have a profound effect on any potential future drops, as evidenced by other Layer 2 solutions like Orbiter and Optimism.


Orbiter, another cross-chain bridge, has hinted at the potential for rewards through interaction with its platform. Thus, you could theoretically receive multiple drops with active engagement on Orbiter. 

Transferring funds within (and out of) the Linea network would cost around $5.


Layerswap is the third cross-chain protocol that facilitates interaction with the Linea network. Each transfer through this protocol costs $4, while the network could impose additional fees up to $10. 


Syncswap is a decentralized platform operating on both the zkSync and Linea networks. The Syncswap team has announced the issuance of a SYNC token, which users will receive based on their activity. 

Actions available on Linea include token exchanges, liquidity provision, and farming. Transaction fees vary between $0.5 and $2.


EchoDex is our second listed decentralized exchange, operational on both the test and main Linea networks. The platform allows for the exchange of ETH, BTC, and most major stablecoins, with an average exchange fee of $1.


HorizonDEX is a DeFi protocol offering decentralized token exchanges and farming. Beyond traditional swaps, users can also participate in quests on Galxe to receive NFTs.


Zonic is an NFT marketplace operating within the Linea network. Users can purchase or sell NFTs, undertake daily quests, and earn points. Transaction fees can go up to $1.


Thirdweb is a service designed for deploying smart contracts, creating tokens, and curating NFT collections. While the protocol operates on any network, the fees for deployment can exceed $10, depending on the type of smart contract.

Final Words

Although Linea has only been live on Mainnet for a few weeks, its ecosystem is burgeoning with projects and continues to evolve. Simultaneously, the team hasn't given any definitive indication of a future token, so all expectations regarding a retroactive drop are largely analytical deductions made by the community. It's essential to consider the risks before interacting with the network.