Arkham Unveils World’s First Intelligence Marketplace

Photo - Arkham Unveils World’s First Intelligence Marketplace
Arkham has introduced the world’s first intelligence marketplace. This platform enables users to securely buy and sell information about blockchain wallet address owners using smart contracts while maintaining anonymity.
Buyers can request specific information from the community and offer rewards as incentives, motivating bounty hunters to provide the desired intelligence. Additionally, valuable information can be sold to other users through immediate purchases or auctions.

The creation of the Arkham Intel Exchange was driven by two key trends in the industry. Firstly, there has been a growing demand for on-chain analysis from various stakeholders, including traders, investors, journalists, researchers, and protocols. Secondly, the Arkham community has witnessed a rise in talented on-chain sleuths actively participating in the platform.

With the launch of the Intel Exchange, Arkham aims to provide a scalable platform for sleuths to monetize their skills and meet the increasing demand for on-chain intelligence. By facilitating the connection between buyers and sellers through the bounty system, Arkham creates a mechanism to match the needs of both sides of this expanding market.

The Intel Trading Platform is scheduled to go live on July 18, marking a significant milestone in the field of blockchain intelligence.

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