Arkham Intelligence: The All-Seeing Eye in Crypto Surveillance

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Photo - Arkham Intelligence: The All-Seeing Eye in Crypto Surveillance
As the demand for anonymous transactions continues to grow, users also crave verification of information and additional measures against fraud. This is where the Arkham platform steps in. It provides reliable information about the real entities and individuals behind anonymous crypto addresses.

Goals of Arkham

Blockchain transparency is a powerful tool for ensuring accountability and preventing fraud. However, analyzing the vast amounts of data generated by blockchains is a daunting task without advanced tools. On the other hand, the use of pseudonyms complicates the accurate identification of users, allowing malicious actors to conceal their activities.

Arkham Intelligence is an analytical platform operating in the crypto market since 2023. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), Arkham monitors and analyzes data from various blockchains, providing users with reliable and aggregated information about the movement and storage of digital assets.
Arkham Intelligence is on a mission to become the go-to intelligence hub for the cryptocurrency market. Central to this vision is its collaboration with key blockchain networks.Arkham’s partners include blockchain explorers and developers of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Tron, BNB Chain, and Optimism. 

Arkham offers users free access to essential analytical tools. By creating an account, users can receive timely updates about significant crypto asset movements directly on the platform or through email notifications.
Arkham’s insights help users identify potential scams, track digital assets in government wallets, deanonymize crypto whales, and more.Applications of Arkham:

  • Tracking the Activity of Major Players: Real-time transactions, balances, and other data for any address on the blockchains;
  • ICO and DeFi Analysis: Assessing risks and opportunities;
  • Fraud Detection: Verifying the integrity of participants in crypto transactions.

The Team Behind Arkham Intelligence

  1. Miguel Morel, Co-founder and CEO: Has experience in launching the stablecoin project Reserve Protocol;
  2. Henry Fisher, CTO and Co-founder: Former partner of Morel at Reserve Protocol and previously an engineer at Tesla.
  3. Zachary Lerangis, Head of Operations: Former financial analyst at Bismarck Analysis.
  4. Alexander Lerangis, Head of Business Development: Worked at Deloitte's Risk and Financial Advisory and has extensive experience with government financial institutions.

How Arkham Works

Arkham offers two primary features:

  1. Intelligent Data Processing. Arkham leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to gather and analyze blockchain data according to predefined conditions and algorithms set by its developers. The AI not only extracts and processes information from the network but also transforms it into visual formats such as asset movement charts, market price graphs, funding distribution diagrams, etc. This interpretative capability sets Arkham apart from traditional blockchain explorers like Etherscan or The data processing module was developed with input from teams at Palantir and OpenAI.
  1. Arkham Intel Exchange. This is a unique marketplace that uses a system of rewards and auctions. It connects those who need specific information and are willing to pay for it with skilled analyst detectives who can find that information. Users can anonymously buy and sell access to data about specific wallet addresses and their transactions using Arkham’s native cryptocurrency, ARKM. The project’s whitepaper highlights its aim to create a global, decentralized "Intel to Earn" economy through its crypto intelligence platform. 

Utilities of the ARKM Token:

  • Data Trading;
  • Service Payments: Paying for access to the API, subscriptions, and other premium features;
  • Governance Participation: Voting on new features and partnerships;
  • User Rewards: Incentives for contributing to the platform;
  • Hack Investigation Bounties;
  • Funding Grants and Programs: Supporting initiatives that help grow the Arkham Intelligence ecosystem.

The ARKM token is available on popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, Kraken, KuCoin, and others.

At the time of writing, ARKM was priced at $1.62.

Drawbacks of the Project

Despite its decentralized claims, the data verification process remains centralized. The platform’s founders decide which information gets distributed and which doesn’t, posing a risk of power abuse. 
There’s also no absolute guarantee that employees won’t use their authority to censor information or manipulate data.

While Miguel Morel assures users that posting personal or compromising information is unacceptable, the possibility of doxing being used for retaliation cannot be entirely ruled out.