The activity of the GN Cryptos Internet resource (hereinafter also referred to as the Resource) is based on the current legislation, as well as the rules of use set forth below.

General provisions

These rules for using the Resource (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) were developed by the site administration (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) and establish the conditions and procedure for the use of materials (including text and graphic materials, comments, audio, video, photographic materials, as well as content developed, prepared by GN Crypto resource based, including, but not limited to on third-party materials, etc.) by network users Internet (hereinafter - Users). The Resource User is an individual visiting the Resource who has reached the age allowed for the adoption of these Rules and has the appropriate authority. The content of the Resource may contain profanity, scenes and / or expressions of a sexual nature, and therefore, it is not recommended to view this video by persons under 18 years of age. The Administration refers to the editorial staff of the GN Crypto resource. The use of the Resource by the User means that the User accepts and undertakes to comply with all the following conditions of these Rules. The Administrator may change these Rules at any time and without any special notice. The new version of the Rules comes into force from the moment of its publication on the website.

Conditions and procedure for using the materials of the Resource

All materials posted on the Site, as well as registered and unregistered trademarks of GN Crypto are subject to copyright and are protected by the law on the rights to the results of intellectual activity. Access to the materials of the Resource is provided solely for personal use and familiarization. Any materials in full or in part cannot be deemed as financial advice or information sufficient to become ground for any financial, investment or similar kind of decisions. It is prohibited without the prior consent of the Administration to use, reproduce, distribute in any way, copy, publicly display, broadcast to the public, translate, remake, or use in any other way for any other purpose the content of the Resource. In case of obtaining permission from the Resource Administration to copy, distribute, publish or otherwise use the materials of the site, such copying, distribution, publication or other use is not allowed without a link to the Resource. The use of materials published on the Resource is permitted only if a link and / or a direct hyperlink, open to search engines, to the direct address of the material on the Resource is placed. The link/hyperlink should be placed in the first paragraph of the material, indicating the brand of the publication GN Crypto. Link/hyperlink is required, regardless of the volume of use of materials (full or partial). If it is necessary to use text, audio, video, photographic, graphic or other materials posted on the site, the rights to which belong to third parties, Users must contact these parties. Using of content based on third-party materials (in particular, but not limited to cryptocurrency statistics) shall be executed due to the User’s own risk and responsibility; Users fully consent that such information cannot be sufficient and reliable in terms of making any sort of decisions (including, but not limited to financial, investment, etc.), or analytical, assessment purposes and shall be subject to double check with the original sources of data used every time when it is used. Users understand and agree that cryptocurrency statistics is based on particularly chosen methodics*, which cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, fairness and reliability of the figures provided in any specific period of time. In accordance with the legislation, measures of civil, administrative and criminal liability may be applied to persons violating the property and personal non-property rights and legitimate interests of authors and copyright holders. The User undertakes not to use the Resource and the materials posted on it for purposes contrary to the current legislation, as well as the principles of morality and ethics. *methodics applied explains that rating is based on the market capitalisation, which is calculated in the following way: 1) defining average cost of assets (based on at least 2-3 examples), 2) defining circulation supply based on publicly available data from several third-parties, and 3) multiplying defined average cost of assets by defined circulation supply. Please be aware that above-mentioned market capitalization figures are based on data from a limited number of sources, therefore, can vary extremely from time to time and in comparison with other data.


The resource provides advertising services. If you are interested in advertising on our website, you can let us know by filling out the appropriate feedback form. The editors reserve the right to refuse to place advertisements of a particular type of goods or services without giving a reason. The advertiser is responsible for the content of advertising materials.

Policy on the use of personal data

The handling of personal data of the Users of the Resource is governed by the Privacy Policy.

Dispute resolution, claims procedure

The administration makes every effort to prevent violations of the law and anyone's rights and legitimate interests on the site. A person who believes that his rights have been violated in any way should immediately contact the Administration by filling out the appropriate feedback form. The claim must include the following information: 1. the content of the claim; 2. information about the person who believes that his rights have been violated; 3. in what actions of the Administration the violation of rights was expressed; 4. a link to the page of the Resource on which, in the opinion of the applicant, his rights are violated; 5. contact details for feedback (telephone, e-mail address); 6. date and signature of the applicant. The consideration period of the Administration's claim is 5 working days. Compliance with the pre-trial (claim) procedure for resolving the dispute is mandatory. In the event that the dispute was not resolved in the complaint procedure, the person who filed the complaint has the right to apply to the judicial authorities for the protection of their rights and legitimate interests.


The resource and its content does not call for any action, does not state anything and does not provide economic, financial or other forecasts and recommendations. Any other interpretation of the information will be incorrect. The Resource is not responsible for any direct and indirect losses associated with the use, loss of exploitation, loss of data, non-receipt of profit due to legal action, negligence or other circumstances related to or arising from the use of the Resource. The Administration does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Resource, the absence of system errors and their mandatory correction, the absence of viruses on the site and the server, as well as the functionality, accuracy and reliability of the materials. Names, titles, images, logos and trademarks identifying GN Crypto or third parties and their products or services are the property of GN Crypto and/or third parties. The use of these elements on the site shall not be deemed to grant a license or right in respect of any trademark or patent or any other intellectual property owned by GN Crypto. In some cases, the rules for the use of certain materials, in particular those related to contests, lotteries, downloading information, etc., may conflict with these Rules. In the event of discrepancies and contradictions between the general rules and the specific conditions of a particular case, the latter shall prevail.

Final provisions

In the event of the adoption of regulatory legal acts affecting the operation of the Resource in whole or in part, the Administration reserves the right to make any changes in the functioning of the Resource aimed at bringing the latter into line with the new standards. By accessing and starting to use this Resource, the User is considered to have read and agreed to the Terms of Use.