🔥 zkSync Sheds Light on Airdrop Details

posted  14 Jun 2024
Photo - zkSync Sheds Light on Airdrop Details
zkSync has released the FAQ report to respond to the community's backlash concerning its recent airdrop. A major point of contention was why certain wallets received the airdrop despite having no activity, and some even had zero balances.

It has been clarified that eligibility for the distribution did not require any activity within the zkSync Era. Thus, 11% of the tokens were allocated to users who had engaged in activities like creating projects on zkSync, commenting on GitHub, moderating forums, or participating in certain projects (for example, Degen, Bonsai, Crypto the Game, Pudgy, and Milady).

Another pressing issue was why some individuals did not receive the airdrop despite seemingly meeting the criteria. This was attributed to their average balance over 12 months being too low. zkSync developers referred to this as "value scaling."

For example, a wallet maintaining a balance of $100 throughout the year was valued higher than one that deposited the same $100 just before the balance snapshot. Furthermore, the volume of transactions did not influence the amount of tokens received (i.e., simply transferring $5000 back and forth before the drop would not trigger a distribution).

In addressing reports that some wallets received over 100,000 tokens (exceeding the maximum allocation), it was clarified that these were wallets belonging to participants who also met additional selection criteria. For more detailed explanations about the project’s calculations, nuances, and other questions, refer to the official FAQ page.