📣 ZkSync Announces ZK Airdrop Details

posted  11 Jun 2024
Photo - ZkSync Announces ZK Airdrop Details
Next week, zkSync is set to conduct its long-awaited ZK airdrop.

17.5% (3.675 billion ZK) of the total 21 billion token supply will be distributed. Of these, 89% are allocated to users and 11% to contributors such as native projects, communities, and external developers. A total of 695,232 wallets are lined up for the airdrop. Tokens will be available for claim until January 3, 2025.
airdrop distribution chart

airdrop distribution chart

Further distribution includes 49.1% for zkSync ecosystem initiatives, 17.2% to investors, and 16.1% to the developers at Matter Labs.

The airdrop amount each participant receives will be determined by the number of points they've accrued based on their activity levels. Activities considered include interactions with smart contracts, liquidity provision in DeFi protocols, and ERC-20 token trading. However, only activities conducted on the zkSync Era and zkSync Lite networks up until March 24, 2024, will qualify for points.

Developers have also introduced multipliers that enhance the point totals for user activities that align with genuine human behavior, effectively reducing the number of bots among the airdrop hunters.

Eligibility for the airdrop is based on several criteria:

  • Holding zkSync network’s native ERC-20 tokens and NFTs;
  • Experimenting with zkSync Era's native account abstraction mechanism through smart contracts;
  • Possessing and holding tokens from previous airdrops within the Ethereum community;
  • Engaging in significant trading with Ethereum smart contracts;
  • Exploring new applications for decentralized apps.

Each qualified wallet can receive an amount ranging from 450 ZK to 100,000 ZK. Users who didn't accumulate enough points for a minimum of 450 ZK will not receive any tokens, which will then be redistributed back to the pool. Those who exceeded the 100,000 ZK limit will receive a maximum of 100,000 tokens, with the surplus also being redirected back to the pool.

Notably, there is no vesting period planned for these tokens, allowing recipients to sell their tokens immediately upon receipt.