🚀 SushiSwap Introduces Susa Derivatives Exchange

posted  9 Feb 2024
Photo - SushiSwap Introduces Susa Derivatives Exchange
SushiSwap has unveiled Susa, its latest venture in the form of a derivatives exchange, marking its debut in the Layer N L2 network as the ever-first trading platform of the ecosystem.

Layer N is crafted as a L2 blockchain on Ethereum, featuring a network of user-centric and optimized rollups with a unified layer for communication and liquidity.

Sushi's integration with Layer N enables Susa to achieve remarkable transaction speeds of over 100,000 per second, with sub-millisecond latency. Such high-performance metrics are set to rival the capabilities of traditional centralized exchanges.
Layer N's modular approach to rollups unlocks greater capital efficiency and deeper liquidity, all while leveraging the security of Ethereum. This approach aligns perfectly with the modular network strategy gaining traction in the DeFi space, making Layer N one of the best technology stacks to build on,
said the head chef of Sushi in a blog post.