📣 Serbian Finance Minister Criticized for TikTok Crypto Wallet Post

posted  9 Feb 2024
Photo - Serbian Finance Minister Criticized for TikTok Crypto Wallet Post
A recent TikTok reel by Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has gained considerable attention.

In the video, Mali talks about the crypto wallet adoption rates in the country and the benefits of a Solana wallet. He mentions that the adoption rate of crypto wallets in Serbia is just 3% compared to other countries, using Turkey as an example where the adoption rate is 50%. Then, the finance minister mentions the Solana crypto phone. He says the phone, with the original price of $1,000 now can be found on eBay for around $5,000. Mali explains this is because Solana’s SOL cryptocurrency has increased in value 10 times since then.

The ranking video has had around 170,000 views. Media and the community have raised concerns that the Minister’s video could influence the market and benefit him personally.

Responding to the criticism, Sinisa Mali told local media that his TikTok account is a forum for him to present “interesting things from the world of economics and finance to the audience in a simple way.” He added that his social media accounts have never been used for promotion and will not be in the future.