READY: Advancing Women's Sports Through Innovation and Web3

Photo - READY: Advancing Women's Sports Through Innovation and Web3
The realm of sports is not solely a man's domain. READY, a pioneering sports-tech startup, is prepared to challenge gender stereotypes by promoting the growth of women's sports through modern technology.
The co-founders of the READY project have significant connections with both professional sports and innovation. This ambitious project, which aims to foster gender equality in the sports industry, is spearheaded by:

  • Lucy Mills, a board member of England's Lewes FC, previously associated with FC Barcelona and FIFA, an educator on the economics of professional football, and an active participant in social initiatives; 
  • Aisha Nazia, a mechanical engineer and the only Indian woman selected for the FIFA Master's program, who also participates in the charitable project Street Child United.

The READY team also consists of an advisory board featuring experts in investments, social influence, and Web3, and a group of rising stars specializing in professional sports, sports management, AI, NFTs, metaverses, IT systems, and analytics. 
READY is leveraging innovative technology to advance women

READY is leveraging innovative technology to advance women's sports. Source:

The mission of READY

This initiative is designed for anyone passionate about advancing women's sports on a global scale - from sports enthusiasts and professional athletes to sports team representatives, relevant organizations, educational institutions and more.
We are trailblazers, supercharging women’s sport through innovation and technology. Our vision is sport that is better for everyone, everywhere,
declares the company on their website.
To realize its worldwide ambition, READY has rolled out an array of educational programs. These come in many forms, from discussions about innovations and curated ideas to live broadcasts, or specialized group & online courses.

Beyond its educational endeavors, READY offers consulting and advisory services. Professional sports organizations and nonprofits can turn to READY's experts for guidance as they prepare for digital transformations in their industry. These services include educational seminars, individualized operational and strategic technology and innovation consultations. Furthermore, READY extends a hand to brands across all sectors to collaborate in fostering technological, commercial, or social connections with sports organizations, events, or individual athletes. 
Our best pool of talent are young women innovating in sport and tech, whom READY supports with mentorship, visibility, and opportunities. Together, we get women - and women’s sport - ready for the future,
affirms the project team.
The experts at READY urge individuals to find inspiration in innovation, growth, and equality. They also emphasize the importance of supporting women's sports and expanding knowledge in trending areas like Web3, NFTs, DAOs or metaverses. The project's unique character and the high level of competence amongst team members have made them coveted guests at themed events. For instance, Lucy Mills is slated to speak at the FANS LOVE IT! conference in Istanbul on June 10th, an event focusing on the digitization of contemporary sports.