MetaMask Token: Ready airdrop hunters

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Photo - MetaMask Token: Ready airdrop hunters
MetaMask is the most popular Web3 wallet. Rumors of its potential token giveaway have been circulating for several months.
ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubin confirmed that the token was in the works, but didn’t mention a specific release date. On Feb.28, 2022, MetaMask announced that cryptocurrency will launch at the end of December 2022. But we haven't heard anything just yet. Maybe everything will happen suddenly in January?

What is already known about the MetaMask token?

So far, the developers do not share information about what tasks the token will perform and how it will be distributed. ConsenSys stated that Metamask DAO will serve as a funding mechanism, but user engagement will be limited. The use of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) as funding collateral has previously been used by the Uniswap, MakerDAO, and Charity Blockchain DAO platforms.
The MetaMask token also does not seem to be used to pay for gas, as the network where the wallet operates is only a gateway for blockchain applications. The feature may be similar to TrustWallet (TWT) or SafePal (SFP), which offer discounts for token holders who exchange through these wallets.

Joseph Lubin has hinted that the Metamask wallet will not go down the mass airdrop route. He said the company would not jeopardize the project by attracting unprecedented generosity for everyone. Therefore, a method popular in the crypto community, when users create several wallets and patiently wait for distribution, is unlikely to work. Only some wallet clients will be able to claim a token. To do this, you will need to meet specific criteria.

Hunting for airdrops is more treasure hunting than a well-established scheme. There is a significant element of luck here. We offer several options for how to get the MetaMask token for free at the time of the MetaMask token launch and make money on it.

How to increase the chance of getting a MetaMask token

The capitalization of ConsenSys reached $7 billion, and in March 2022, the company raised an additional $450 million in investments. The potential airdrop could be a substantial amount. But qualifying for the right to receive a token can be difficult. Here are a few steps you can take to increase your chances. They are all aimed at showing user activity and showing their presence in ConsenSys projects.

1. Swap tokens on MetaMask.

If you don't have a MetaMask wallet, download a browser extension or mobile app, create a wallet, save your seed phrase, and deposit some ETH. It is easy to swap tokens for MetaMask. In the main menu, click the blue "Exchange" button next to the "Buy" and "Send" icons. Exchange some ETH for any token, but ensure you have enough ETH on your balance to pay the fee.

2. Use the MetaMask bridge.

Connect your wallet to the bridge, select Ethereum as the first network, and select another network to send (this can be Polygon, Avalanche, or BNB Chain). Then connect ETH, MATIC, DAI, USDC, or USDT tokens. But first, ensure you already have your second gas payment network token. The easiest way is to link MATIC to Ethereum on Polygon since MATIC is Polygon's native token.

3. Create a Gnosis Safe wallet

In March, ConsenSys and Gnosis Safe announced a partnership. Therefore, we assume that MetaMask can reward Gnosis users. Go to Gnosis Safe, connect your wallet, and follow the instructions to create a multisig wallet. You will need to select Ethereum as your network, name your wallet, list a minimum of two addresses as wallet "owners" (you can create a new MetaMask account and enter that address along with the one you're already using), and pay a transaction fee.

4. Donate via Gitcoin

ConsenSys has close ties with the Gitcoin platform. Joseph Lubin invested in it and supported it. Therefore, donating to Gitcoin could increase the chances of participating in the MetaMask giveaway. To donate, you need to create a GitHub profile, go to the Gitcoin Grants page, connect your MetaMask, select one of the Grant projects you like, add it to your cart, proceed to checkout, and choose the donation currency. The amount should exceed $10. Otherwise, the transaction may be regarded as airdrop farming.

5. Register with Infura

ConsenSys acquired Infura in October 2019. Therefore, this is an excellent step to demonstrate your loyalty to Lubin's infrastructure. To do this, fill out the form on the Infura website and subscribe to Discord. By the way, it's better to subscribe to all social networks of ConsenSys-related projects and monitor their posts. Perhaps you’ll find some information about the airdrop.

Warning: none of these steps is a 100% guarantee to be among the first to receive MetaMask tokens.

We remind you that there is no final release date yet. But in the case of such a promising asset, it is better to make an effort to interact with all projects related to ConsenSys and increase the chances of a gift from Joseph Lubin.