📣 OpenAI to Provide Free AI Services to Apple

posted  13 Jun 2024
Photo - OpenAI to Provide Free AI Services to Apple
Bloomberg sources report that Apple won't be paying OpenAI for using its artificial intelligence features (ChatGPT) in its products, at least at the start of their collaboration. Apple believes that the value of embedding OpenAI’s technology into millions of its devices outweighs monetary payments.

From Apple's perspective, incorporating advanced AI functionality attracts users, boosts new device sales, and aligns with their broader plan to integrate artificial intelligence across all devices. Both companies have declined to comment on this information, and the agreement details remain confidential.

Nevertheless, the financial dynamics could shift as OpenAI continues to expend resources supporting Apple’s user base, despite the limited rollout to newer models only. OpenAI currently relies on revenue from its $20 premium subscription and API monetization.

It's worth noting that the agreement with OpenAI does not prevent Apple from collaborating with other companies, such as Google with its chatbot Gemini, with whom Apple plans to sign a deal by the end of this year. Additionally, negotiations are underway with Anthropic, the developer of the Claude LLM.

Apple’s primary concern remains the Chinese market, where American AI chatbots are banned, compelling the company to collaborate with local developers. Most likely, these will be tech giants Baidu and Alibaba, who have already achieved significant success and are considered top contenders for partnerships.