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MonkeyLeague is a blockchain game for football, strategies, esports tournaments, and monkeys fans. How to create an effective team, what stats do MonkeyPlayers have, and how to earn from the game?
MonkeyLeague is a turn-based football “strategy” game deployed on the Solana blockchain and the Game OS platform. It was created by UnCaged Studios, engaged in developing Web3 games.

MonkeyLeague raised $4 million in seed funding in 2021. The main investors were Solana Capital, Alameda Research, NFX, CMS Holdings, and other venture capital funds. The first funding round ended in 2022. The project was backed by Griffin Gaming Partners, Vgames, Ventures Israel, and others.

MonkeyLeague characters are unique and inimitable NFT monkeys available for purchase on Magic Eden, Solanart, and Solsea marketplaces. MonkeyLeague is also set to introduce stadium NFTs in the near future.

The in-game token is MonkeyBucks. It is used to breed new monkeys and maintain the MonkeyLeague ecosystem. The token is traded on Bybit, Raydium,, Prism, Mexc Global crypto exchanges. Players can earn MBS tokens by winning football matches.

MonkeyLeague has its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and a governance token called SCORE. They grant their holders the right to vote, influence development of the game, as well as other benefits. The SCORE token is available to early MBS holders.

How to play Monkey League

Users play football in a stadium, having previously created a team of three or more monkeys. The task is to beat the opponent, take a higher place in the overall ranking, earn MBS tokens and get in-game items to boost monkeys’ abilities.

MonkeyLeague has three game modes:

  • Player vs Environment. A game against a built-in bot, which allows beginners to improve their skills and develop strategies.
  • Player vs Player. Competition between different players’ teams.
  • Team vs Team. A match between two teams controlled by multiple players.

With the introduction of the stadium feature, the player who owns the NFT land will be able to rent it to different players for matches and get a commission. In addition to football matches, the game also offers another passive income – the monkey breeding. Users need to look for special NFTs with winning stats to breed strong MonkeyPlayers and sell them to other users.

NFT Monkeys Stats

Each football player has a genetic set made up of 32 traits, including their appearance, game skills and game perks. The rarity of the NFT can be Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

These types of traits are determined by the indicator called Alfa. The higher its value, the more unique the monkey. Features of the character's appearance are passed on to its descendants. Alfa also affects the ability of the monkey to perform various tricks on the field.

There are 4 types of skills: accuracy, passing, control, and defense. All new players have an initial level of these characteristics and a maximum threshold for their upgrade during the game. Players can boost their skills by winning matches and upgrading NFTs with in-game resources, which are currently under development.

There are 12 in-game perks for different types of players on the football field, which are divided into defenders, strikers, midfielders, and goalkeepers. Each of these monkeys has 3 perks. They are activated in their respective zones, allowing the player to make a move.

When building a team, you need to carefully analyze all these traits for a better chance of winning.
NFT monkeys in the Magic Eden marketplace

NFT monkeys in the Magic Eden marketplace

How to build a team in MonkeyLeague

The creators of the game recommend starting by buying 3 NFT monkeys (a striker, a midfielder, and a goalkeeper) that have a high Alfa value. After that, you can start breeding and get new players that can be added to the team or left on the bench in case some monkeys lose HP (health). The more potential teams you create, the better the MonkeyLeague experience you get. This allows you to determine the best stats, and to build a successful team.

How to breed monkeys in the game

To do this, you will need two NFT monkeys (with no family ties) and a special breeding capsule, which can be purchased on marketplaces.

Each player can have up to four offspring. The first breed is free, then you’ll need to pay for breeding with MBS tokens. The second breed will be 25% of the average sale price of a monkey on secondary markets. The third and fourth breed – 80% and 200% of the average sale price, respectively. 

An additional way to earn money for MonkeyLeague players

In addition to playing, you can earn money by participating in the weekly MonkeyLeague Learn & Earn event on Discord. This initiative was created for those who have a lot of football matches behind them, who managed to develop their own strategy, and who know the game inside out.

The Learn and earn quiz includes 10 questions of different difficulty level. You can earn points by responding to these questions. To become a winner and receive a cash prize, you must score at least 10 out of 17 points. The top three leaders receive more rewards. The very first prize pool was $15,000. However, it increases as the community grows.
At the end of each month, NFT monkeys are raffled among 50 participants.

Concluding our review, we would like to share the game founders’ opinion about the key to success in MonkeyLeague. It is not limited to having the best players. The main thing is a thoughtful strategy, the ability to use any players on the field and create a variety of teams.