Mob Attacks Driverless Taxi in San Francisco's Chinatown

posted  12 Feb 2024
Photo - Mob Attacks Driverless Taxi in San Francisco's Chinatown
In San Francisco's Chinatown, a group of people attacked a Waymo driverless car (AI taxi). They smashed its windshield and covered it in spray paint, before setting it on fire with fireworks. Despite the swift arrival of the fire department, the vehicle was beyond saving.

Waymo and the police reports confirm there were no passengers in the taxi at the time of the attack. The reasons behind this act of vandalism are still under investigation, but it likely stems from the prolonged tension between city dwellers and the developers of autonomous vehicles, which have been involved in numerous accidents across various states.

The incident highlights the unpredictable interactions between artificial intelligence and traditional technology. For example, an AI-controlled drone in a simulated military test attacked its operator, mistaking them for a threat due to their potential to compromise the mission's primary target.