📣 Marathon Data Center Manager Cleared of Noise Complaint Charges

posted  11 Jul 2024
Photo - Marathon Data Center Manager Cleared of Noise Complaint Charges
A jury has acquitted David Fischer, the manager of Marathon Digital's Texas data center, of all charges related to alleged noise pollution violations.

The legal action was initiated after multiple complaints from residents of the nearby Granbury area, who reported a continuous hum they attributed to the cooling system fans at the site. Additionally, it was noted that over several months, local Constable John Shirley repeatedly recorded noise levels exceeding 85 dB, a limit that surpasses allowable norms and could potentially cause permanent hearing damage with prolonged exposure.

Fisher's legal team argued that the lawsuit was misdirected at the facility manager instead of the owning company, Marathon Digital. They contended that Constable Shirley's measurements were inflated and that the actual noise levels from the data center were within acceptable limits for an industrial area.

Additionally, a Marathon representative has announced plans to convert most of the facility's equipment from air cooling to immersion cooling by the end of the year. This system uses a liquid heat exchange which could significantly reduce noise levels.