🔥 Injecting Capital into Innovation: Hack VC's New Funding

posted  20 Feb 2024
Photo - Injecting Capital into Innovation: Hack VC's New Funding
Hack VC, a U.S.-based venture capital firm, has successfully amassed $150 million for investments in digital asset-related projects. The company is setting its sights on early-stage startups, with a portion of its team already operating from its New York base.
There is still a whole industry of nerdy people building things underneath and that didn’t stop after FTX,
comments its managing partner, Alex Pack.
Hack VC's investment portfolio includes backing Mysten Labs, the company behind the SUI blockchain, and the crypto finance venture Amber Group. Although some of their investments, such as in Terraform and BlockFi, didn't pan out, Pack advocates for focusing on future opportunities rather than past failures.

In addition to supporting startups, Hack VC actively invests in digital assets that contribute to the decentralization of the internet, finance, or AI. Their investment strategy revolves around leveraging blockchain to deliver tangible improvements to existing products efficiently and cost-effectively.