🌋 Elizabeth Warren Criticizes Cryptocurrencies Again

posted  28 Feb 2024
Photo - Elizabeth Warren Criticizes Cryptocurrencies Again
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has once again expressed her concerns about cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the need for their compliance with current traditional financial regulations. She highlighted her proposed anti-money laundering legislation, which could have adverse effects on the crypto sector, awaiting further examination.
I wanna collaborate with the industry, what I don't understand is why the industry seems to be saying that they only way that they can survive is if there's plenty of space for the drug traffickers and the human traffickers,
Warren remarked.
Warren has been advocating for her bill for several months, receiving backing from a minor segment of senators. However, the majority of politicians either remain neutral or openly oppose the initiative. At the same time, American crypto companies are lobbying senators to outright reject the proposed legislation.

Consequently, the bill faces low prospects of passage. Furthermore, Elizabeth Warren's future as a U.S. Senator could be uncertain with the upcoming elections, as John Deaton, a prominent lawyer and crypto supporter, has announced his candidacy for the Massachusetts Senate seat.