📣 Crypto Developers Slam CertiK's Agressive Marketing Approach

posted  26 Jun 2024
Photo - Crypto Developers Slam CertiK's Agressive Marketing Approach
Mikko Ohtamaa, a developer of the algorithmic trading protocol TradingStrategy․ai, has voiced concerns about the auditing company CertiK. According to Ohtamaa, CertiK independently adds projects to its Skynet rating list, which assesses cybersecurity, decentralization levels, and more.

Ohtamaa argues that CertiK gives preferential treatment to companies that have paid for their audits, while other projects, even those with certifications from different auditors, are ranked lower.

Dmytro Zhelezov, a developer from Subsquid․io, reported a similar experience. In their case, CertiK gave a low rating based on an outdated smart contract discovered in their GitHub repository, which was merely a template copied from OpenZeppelin.

This comes as another public relations issue for CertiK, which was recently embroiled in a scandal involving extortion allegations, with the Kraken exchange as a victim.