🌋 Alipay Introduces AI for Hair Loss Assessment

posted  10 Jun 2024
Photo - Alipay Introduces AI for Hair Loss Assessment
The Chinese payment app Alipay, owned by Alibaba, has deployed a new AI feature designed to detect hair loss. This specialized model analyzes uploaded headshots and offers results, including potential medical advice.

This feature is trained on thousands of curated medical images and is part of an electronic medical AI assistant that the company unveiled earlier in 2024. Alibaba representatives are positioning Alipay as a multifunctional platform that already includes services like mobile payments, travel bookings, and more.

Such apps enjoy widespread popularity in Eastern countries, particularly in China, largely due to their convenience in daily life. However, these platforms have been criticized by Western data privacy watchdogs for consolidating large amounts of personal information and the associated risks of data breaches.

Among major Western companies, only Elon Musk’s X is pursuing a strategy to become an all-encompassing service. Currently, the platform provides access to the AI chatbot Grok and plans to introduce interstate and international payment capabilities in the near future.