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Top 10 WhiteBIT Listings in Q2

As the second quarter of 2024 wraps up, it's an opportune moment to review the 10 most interesting cryptocurrencies that have recently become available to users of Europe's largest crypto exchange, WhiteBIT.

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Crypto is now closer than you think 

GN Crypto is a global portal about the realm of crypto news that originated in Ukraine. Created by the masterminds behind the world’s first entertainment show about cryptocurrencies ByHi, the online platform aims to popularize the new era of blockchain technology that is irreversibly transforming the world as we know it.

Readers will have access to information about the latest news, events, analytics, opinions, videos, interviews and much more from the world of crypto. The media outlet is also aimed at both advanced crypto adepts and those who are only beginning their journey in this field. Also those who are somewhere in the middle.

GN Crypto has its own brand ambassadors – anonymous crypto gurus Dr. Smartcontract and Mr. Etherman. Both 'mascots' host the YouTube Show "Cryptocurrency Not For Dummies" and are actively involved in the community – they often chat with readers on various social media platforms and express their opinions about crypto market news.

The portal has also launched the “Authors Program” - an initiative that allows aspiring copywriters and crypto coin news journalists to submit their articles and receive monetary rewards for 'views'. after going through moderation and once approved by our team of editors, the article gets published on our website. Authors are then granted the opportunity to earn for their work. Think of it as YouTube monetization, only instead of views, authors receive rewards for their articles being read by other people.

Blockchain technology is gaining momentum and attracting more and more people. After all, blockchain has confidently entered the geopolitical arena and has become a lever of global processes in the economy and society. However, this latest technology still remains terra incognita for many people. So the mission of GN Crypto is to promote blockchain and make the technology popular, to provide quality content and in-depth analytics that will be useful to those who are just entering the industry and those who have been in it for a long time and need their crypto news now.

GN Crypto was initially inspired by ByHi – a YouTube channel with 86 thousand followers. In two years the channel released 86 videos and gathered almost 22 million views. One might say that “ByHi” is the predecessor of GN Crypto. The two independent projects have the same objective in mind – to educate the global public on the industry of blockchain technology. Created initially as a hobby, the project has developed ambitious goals and intends to lay the foundation and create a platform to engage the public with the realm of crypto news today and finance.

Get your crypto news alerts and live crypto news together with GN Crypto.  
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