Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Interview

Photo - Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Interview
Is Zuckerberg’s metaverse finally gathering pace? It seems like it.
Just several days ago Gagarin News reported that Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse has continuously received criticism for the not so good graphics and huge losses incurred.

However, it seems like he has taken the opportunity this week to try and impress his audience, giving an interview to Lex Fridman in the metaverse. 

“The following is a conversation with Mark Zuckerberg, inside the metaverse. Mark and I are hundreds of miles apart from each other in the physical space, but it feels like we’re in the same room because we appear to each other as photorealistic Kodak avatars in 3D with spatial audio. This technology is incredible and I think it’s the future of how human beings will connect to each other in a deeply meaningful way,” Fridman said in an opening statement.

Fridman went on to wear the headset that turned him into a proper avatar. And so did Zuckerberg.
Fridman turned himself into Avatar. Source: X (Twitter)

Fridman turned himself into Avatar. Source: X (Twitter)

And it worked, with Fridman praising the experience as one of the most awesome things that he has ever seen.
Fridman and Zuckerberg in the metaverse. Source: X (Twitter)

Fridman and Zuckerberg in the metaverse. Source: X (Twitter)

The comments under Fridman’s tweet on X (Twitter) varied. Many were indeed impressed, noting that technology looks great.

“ngl, I'd been a skeptic of the 'metaverse' all along, but this is pretty cool and I'm starting to change my mind,” @hardmaru wrote. Meanwhile, @divamgupta added “as someone who worked on this demo, this technology is truly revolutionary. And this will be one big reason ppl will start using VR in daily life.”

But others were not so impressed, raising ethical questions like “Doesn’t it strike you that making “scans possible in seconds on your phone” will lead to SO many problems at scale?”. He also emphasized that “given Zuck’s track record of not being very good at preventing unintended consequences at scale, I would’ve thought you may ask about how this tech relates to sex, abuse, violence and all the nefarious stuff that is surely more important to discuss than “meetings in the metaverse”.

Meanwhile, another user begged the question “what's the long term intent for humanity here? Is it to get us used to being physically alone?”

Perhaps, the most eloquent comment came from a user called Tarek Ayed that read “We're all getting Zucked again.” 

Sure feels like it a little bit. 

Do you agree?

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