Youth Education: Free Courses by WhiteBIT and Cryptology!

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Photo - Youth Education: Free Courses by WhiteBIT and Cryptology!
While crypto prices may fluctuate, venturing into this realm can seem a costly endeavor for the youth. However, new courses from the online school Cryptology and the globally renowned WhiteBIT exchange now offer free access to the digital economy! All you need is enthusiasm and awareness of our rapidly digitizing world.
A meticulously curated course, “Financial and Digital Literacy for Teens,” will be facilitated offline in the dynamic and contemporary Digital Traders Hub in Kyiv from September 3 to November 26, 2023. This course aspires to elevate the financial acumen and investment prowess of the younger generation.

The course comprises 11 detailed modules, blending theoretical knowledge with practical sessions, covering a total of 26.5 hours. This initiative is entirely free of charge. For its inaugural run, a group of 14 teenagers aged 14 to 17 has been chosen. Weekly classes will be conducted by expert instructors from Cryptology and supervised by the Digital Traders Hub team. The entire curriculum spans a two-month duration.

Throughout the course, students will explore essential topics, including:

  • Classification and detailed analysis of financial instruments;
  • Building a robust investment portfolio;
  • Effective strategies for risk diversification;
  • Understanding the psychological nuances of investing, etc. 

The project emerges from a partnership between Cryptology and WhiteBIT, both recognized for their pivotal role in launching the crypto co-working space known as Digital Traders Hub. Moreover, they've spearheaded numerous educational initiatives, all designed to foster the adoption and understanding of blockchain and Web3 technologies. Importantly, members of this crypto co-working space can attend specialized lectures and events to hone their skills in the realms of trading and cryptocurrency. To join the Digital Traders Hub, simply click the link to subscribe.

Ukraine's trajectory is evident: a future brimming with victories and a determined stride toward embracing cutting-edge technologies. While the road to success isn't traveled overnight, establishing the foundation for a digital future is a present-day imperative. And who better to lead this charge than the youth?

Founded in 2018 and originating from Ukraine, WhiteBIT stands as one of Europe's most prominent centralized crypto exchanges. The platform features an extensive range of over 350 trading pairs, boasts more than 270 assets, and supports a myriad of 10+ traditional currencies. In their commitment to educational outreach, WhiteBIT has formed collaborations with institutions like the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” and the “Diia. Education” platform. Their objective is clear: to generate thorough and expert-level knowledge on blockchain technology. Furthermore, their partnerships extend to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine's National Football Team, the iconic football club FC Barcelona, and the esports juggernaut FACEIT. At its core, WhiteBIT is driven by a singular vision: to champion the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, both within Ukraine and on a global scale.