Will the latest crisis stimulate the growth of innovation?

Photo - Will the latest crisis stimulate the growth of innovation?
Anonymity may return to cryptocurrency trends. After the US officials made statements about the need to monitor cryptocurrency transactions, there was a short-term shifting of assets into so-called “anonymous coins”.
High volatility was observed on the chart of Monero, a token known as the “hacker’s coin”. In 15 minutes, the price rose by almost +60%, setting a new maximum. The growth turned out to be speculative - the market quickly won back this surge, although the price of Monero stabilized at $25 higher than before the publication of the US news. Cryptocurrencies with high privacy options are a promising 10 billion dollar digital asset sector that is quite undervalued in the current environment.

The United Arab Emirates reaffirms its status as a center of excellence for the adoption of new technologies: Dubai Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the creation of a special body for the surveillance and regulation of virtual assets called Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority. The UAE is considering the adoption of a special law on digital assets, although their liberal legislation has previously contributed to the opening of offices and representative offices of notable participants in the blockchain market - cryptocurrency exchanges, hubs for developers, legal entities, and simply places of relocation of employees. Now this trend may intensify.
The future belongs to those who design it. We are committed to participating in the development of this new and rapidly growing global sector.
Sheikh Mohammed

The United States understands the need to speed up legislative changes in the sphere of cryptocurrencies as well. So, Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis has already shown how the bill on the integration of digital currencies into the US financial system, which has been announced for a long time, looks like. Cynthia Lummis has been working on this bill since 2021 with fellow Democratic Senator Kristen Gillibrand. She is also known for her investments in cryptocurrencies, as well as a wide public discussion on her Twitter.
It's been a long time, but my bill is almost ready! I'm putting the finishing touches with some key supporters and partners in the Senate, look forward to publishing soon,
the senator wrote.

The latest package of sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation has led to the fact that this country has come out on top in terms of the number of blocking and restrictions against it. Even before February 22, Iran was the leader by this measure, which can significantly improve its position in case of a discussed oil deal with the West. It is noteworthy that the direct aggression against Ukraine increased the number of sanctions against Russia by 100% compared to the period preceding the announcement of the military operation.