Why will DeFi change the world as we know it? Defi Protocols explained

Photo - Why will DeFi change the world as we know it? Defi Protocols explained
We’ve launched the Gagarin News YouTube channel!
We present the first installment of “Cryptocurrency Not For Dummies”. The show is meant as a Q&A guide to crypto and all related topics. The hosts will further discuss and explain topics ranging from DAO, the metaverse, NFTs, yield farming, Decentralized finance, various altcoins, and much more. 

The first episode is the first part of your DeFi tutorial. This show is aimed at those who are advanced members of the crypto verse. As the project evolves, new shows and videos will be added. 

The Gagarin News YouTube channel will provide educational and informational videos about everything related to the world of crypto: what is cryptocurrency, bitcoin news, Ethereum blockchain and much more. “Cryptocurrency Not For Dummies” is hosted by anonymous presenters Efirich and Smartkontraktych who are technical professionals in the crypto industry. 

As you may already know, GAGARIN NEWS is a global crypto news portal about the realm of crypto. Created by the masterminds behind the world’s first entertainment show about cryptocurrency news Gagarin Show, the online media aims to popularize the new era of blockchain technology that is irreversibly transforming the world as we know it. Gagarin News gives you access to information about the latest news, events, analytics, opinions, videos, interviews, and much more from the world of crypto. 

As already mentioned, the cryptocurrency news media online “Gagarin News” is a new project brought to you by Gagarin Show - a Youtube channel with 74 thousand followers dedicated to the crypto sphere. In two years the channel released 77 videos and gathered almost 18 million views. Crypto today is an integral part of the way our world will operate so join our community and become a real part of it!