What is Web 6.0?

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The world is racing forward with new Web iterations. While Jack Dorsey's Web5 concept is still making waves, China is wasting no time in unveiling a project powered by Web 6.0 technology.
China is at the forefront of a burgeoning industrial metaverse movement. 
Now, The Hainan Storage Metaverse Company from China is breaking new ground. They've unveiled a metaverse initiative which they claim encapsulates the next phase of internet evolution: Web 6.0.

What is the distinguishing characteristic of Web 6.0?

The technology, sporting this impressive name, merges several components:

  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • VR
  • 5G
  • IoT
  • Cloud Computing

This lineup notably omits cryptocurrencies, with the singular exception being the digital yuan, which may, in the future, serve as the unified currency for the project. However, a conclusive decision on this hasn't been reached yet.

Fundamentally, the Hainan Storage Metaverse Company has sought (or at least proclaimed its intent) to amalgamate the tech milestones of the past decade into one cohesive platform named DIGUNI.

Company representatives have declared, “The implementation of the Web6.0 project signifies that a new era is about to officially begin, where humans will transition from being "experiencers" to "creators". In the Web6.0 world constructed by DIGUNI, people can freely create, work, and live without violating the DAO conventions, and achieve true consciousness storage, immortality of consciousness, and interconnection of all things through consciousness alone.”

Such a philosophy resonates strongly with Confucian principles of universal equality and justice.
However, the underlying objective driving this project seems to veer away from true decentralization. After all, the primary stakeholders stand to be prominent Chinese and international firms. These entities are keen on merging their logistical frameworks, marketing strategies, and trading platforms via a singular technology and platform.

Web 6.0, characterized by its Chinese approach, involves the incorporation of large state-owned manufacturers. These entities aim to optimize their production processes through the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence. The overarching goal is to forge a universal Industrial Metaverse.

It may be premature to declare Web 6.0 a global phenomenon. In the near future, this technology may primarily remain within the Asian domain. 
In essence, the Chinese company seems eager to capitalize on a brand that has undeniable marketing allure, much like Jack Dorsey's move at the Consensus conference in May 2023, where he heralded the imminent advent of Web5.

It's noteworthy that the Storage Metaverse Company operates under the aegis of the Huazhong United Group—a leading financial and investment entity founded in 2016 to amplify opportunities within the Chinese market.

The company's founders have successfully orchestrated the Diguni Web6.0 summit in Bangkok, securing substantial investments from tech behemoths in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand. Plans are also underway for similar investment-centric summits in South Korea and Macau.