Ukraine launches NFT “Museum of War”

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Photo - Ukraine launches NFT “Museum of War”
As part of crowdfunding for the military forces, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, together with Ukrainian and foreign artists, created an NFT museum about the events of the Russian war against Ukraine.
The NFT Museum is a metahistory dedicated to the events of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The NFT series is intended “to spread truthful information among the digital community in the world and collect donations to support Ukraine,” according to the message on the official website of the NFT collection. The NFT series includes digital images of combat aircrafts, screenshots of news reports, and illustrations of explosions. Each token represents a specific day and event of the war.
The sale of the collection of the “Metahistory: Museum of War” project starts on March 30 and is part of a cryptocurrency crowdfunding organized by the Ministry of Digital Transformations and the state of Ukraine, which, from the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, began to call on the world community for cryptocurrency donations. 


To date, the fund has already raised almost $66 million in digital assets. The starting auction price of each NFT is 0.15ETH (just over $475). Funds from the first NFT sale will go to the Ethereum wallet of the ministry. Further resales of each token assume that 90% of the funds will go to the owner of the NFT, and 10% to the wallet of the Ukrainian state.
Earlier, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Alex Bornyakov said that the money from the cryptocurrency fund would go to humanitarian aid, the purchase of bulletproof vests, helmets and medicines for the military service of Ukraine. “Blockchain technologies serve as a powerful tool for preserving the memory of Russian war crimes against Ukrainians, the heroism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the opposition to the Putin regime,” Alexander Bornyakov mentioned in a recent conversation with ForkLog UA. You can join donations and purchase NFTs at