Top 8 Crypto Subreddits in 2024

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Photo - Top 8 Crypto Subreddits in 2024
Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms with 267.5 million weekly active users. Redditors with similar interests come together in different discussion forums called subreddits. For the crypto community, the platform is one of the go-to places to start discussions, share memes, news, opinions, etc. This article mentions 8 of Reddit’s most popular crypto forums.
There are subreddits for certain projects as well as for general discussions. Some of the crypto communities are particularly popular and have millions of users.  

1. r/CryptoCurrency

This is the largest crypto subreddit with 7.9 million members. Along with posts started by users, r/CryptoCurrency features frequent AMA (Ask Me Anything) threads and daily discussions. It has a native token called MOON, launched in 2020 as part of Reddit’s “Community Points” initiative, presenting blockchain-based user rewards. MOON is designed to allow members to tip other users for their posts and comments, vote on governance polls, etc. In 2023, Reddit ended Community Points because of scalability issues and regulatory concerns. After this, the r/CryptoCurrency page moderators announced continuing blockchain-based community prizes separately. Although earning Moons hasn’t been available on the forum, r/CryptoCurrency is working on restarting the process, according to the page.

2. r/ethereum

The r/ethereum forum is a top place for those looking for Ethereum-related updates, analysis, news, and discussions. It’s the official Reddit community of the Ethereum blockchain, moderated by the development team. Many posts on the group are technical, so it may be challenging for beginners. r/ethereum has around 2.9 million members. Here, users can ask questions and take part in discussions with developers and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin (u/vbuterin on Reddit) through AMAs. 

3. r/Bitcoin

On this forum, topics are around Bitcoin. These include Bitcoin mining, self custody, payments, etc. Users share memes, news, videos, educational content, and more. In the “About” section of r/Bitcoin, you can read a description of what Bitcoin is and discover links to educational content. The community has around 6.5 million members and is the #1 by daily visits and engagement. 

4. r/BitcoinBeginners

This is a general subreddit where beginners ask questions about Bitcoin, like how it works, how to store the coin, what services to use for payments, etc.  On r/BitcoinBeginners, there's a warning not to reply to messages from unknown people. Most of the direct messages can be scams, with bad actors targeting newbies to use their need for guidance to their advantage. For example, they can ask for private keys to a crypto wallet and get access to user funds. 

5. r/ethtrader

Another popular Ethereum forum, r/ethtrader has more than 2.3 million members. Here, users initiate and engage in posts about trading, investing, regulations, etc. r/ethtrader has its native community token, called DONUT. The forum launched the token in October 2018 (independent from the Reddit Community program). Donuts are used  for additional vote weight in community polls, tipping other users, and purchasing advertising space on the subreddit. 

6. r/solana

r/solana is Solana blockchain’s official subreddit operated by the Solana Foundation. It ranks #3 after r/Bitcoin and r/Cryptocurrency in terms of engagement. Solana supporters can check out this group for discussions, news, and information about the protocol and its native coin SOL. From time to time r/Solana hosts Ask Me Anything Questions to answer questions from the community. 

7. r/NFT

The creative corner of the crypto Reddit - r/NFT has 2 million members. Among them are NFT artists, collectors, traders, and learners. Users ask questions, engage in discussions, and share news about. Promotional posts for NFT platforms and collections are not allowed in the group, nor are discussions on topics other than NFTs.

8. r/SatoshiStreetBets

The group was created in February 2020 on Reddit. Later, it expanded to Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. r/SatoshiStreetBets is dubbed as the crypto version of the subreddit  r/WallStreetBets. The 15-million-member r/WallStreetBets discusses the stock market and influences prices by taking collective actions. In 2021, it made headlines by driving up the price of the video game company GameStop's stock. Following this, a post on r/SatoshiStreetBets appeared calling for making the meme coin Dogecoin famous and driving its price up by 800%. In 2022, r/SatoshiStreetBets launched its DeFi platform called SatoshiSwap.  

Final Notes 

Reddit is a popular place for the crypto community to learn, and engage in discussions. Often you’ll find quality content here, but there are also hidden promotions and fraud attempts. It’s better to take group recommendations with a pinch of salt, do research, and not trust anyone with the information about your crypto wallet, and investment decisions. 

Web3 writer and crypto HODLer with a keen interest in market trends and recent technologies.