Top 7 Tech Channels on YouTube in 2024

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Photo - Top 7 Tech Channels on YouTube in 2024
YouTube is a place to constantly discover something interesting and wonder, 'How come I didn’t know about this before?' For our tech-savvy readers, we share 7 channels on YouTube that provide informative, educational, and fun content on different aspects of technology, from programming languages to hardware reviews, industry news, and discussions.

  1. Fireship

The creator of this channel is Jeff Delaney, a Google Developer Expert. Fireship features programming tutorials, news on tech developments, and related topics. It is mainly for developers, but there are also videos for viewers without much technical knowledge. These include reviews of technical trends and stories about companies and their leaders. Fireship has a separate playlist for Web3, which explains what blockchain and Web3 are, and how to build decentralized apps.

2. Dawid Does Tech Stuff  

Dawid reviews tech products, mainly gaming computers, but in an unusual way. If you are curious about how a cheap iPhone from AliExpress would work, or how much the cheapest computer would cost in China, this is the channel for you. Dawid’s content delivery is fun and informative, full of humor and sarcasm.

3. Cleo Abram

Video journalist Cleo Abram runs the YouTube show 'Huge If True.' In different episodes, she explores exciting areas of technology and visits tech companies. Previously, she made videos about NASA’s space suits and Boston Dynamic’s robots among other topics. Before starting her career as an independent journalist, Cleo worked as a video producer for Vox. The content creator explains her approach to YouTube videos as 'optimistic tech explainers.' 

4. ByHi (previously Gagarin Show)

The central topics at the YouTube show ByHi (short for ВухоНІС) are blockchain and cryptocurrency. Previously known as the Gagarin Show, the channel was renamed ByHi in 2023. It is intended for a Ukrainian-speaking audience. The hosts, Volodymyr Nosov and Hlib Ushakov discuss Web3, finance, technology, and other topics with guests. The channel also features educational content for both beginners and advanced learners in cryptocurrency. In December 2023, ByHi won an award in the 'Communications in the Crypto Age' category at the Davos Communications Awards 2023, highlighting the channel’s role in media.

5. Gary Explains

On his channel, Canadian Tech YouTuber Gary Sims explains how different technologies work and reviews tech products. Gary is experienced in open-source systems and IT blogging. He has written tech articles and reviewed products for Android Authority. The content on 'Gary Explains' is mostly technical. Among the playlists are 'Windows,' 'Encryption,' 'Servers,' 'Wi-Fi,' and 'AI and Machine Learning.'

6. Marques Brownlee (MKBHD)

With nearly 19 million subscribers, Marques Brownlee is one of the most famous tech YouTubers. If there’s any new interesting tech product on the market, you’ll most probably find it reviewed on the MKBHD channel. Brownlee’s reviews include smartphones, laptops, VR headsets, and smartwatches. Apart from product reviews, he has interviewed famous people from the tech industry and beyond, such as Elon Musk, Will Smith, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, and Kobe Bryant.

7. Gamers Nexus

As you may have guessed, Gamers Nexus focuses on gaming PC hardware and gaming technology analysis. The channel’s founder and main host, Steve Burke, is known for his sharp criticism of product issues and questionable policies of tech companies. In 2022, he shared a story about buying a motherboard from the retail company Newegg and attempting to return it. Despite the product being unopened, the retailer initially refused the return, claiming the product was damaged. Eventually, Newegg refunded Gamers Nexus and announced a customer service update.

The Influence of YouTube on the Tech Sector 

Tech YouTube channels are a resource to study, be informed, share experiences, and relax while watching your favorite show. The platform has a big impact on individuals and companies. Free courses can help people improve their skills, product reviews impact buying decisions, and criticism helps viewers be aware of potential risks while nudging companies to make improvements. Not everything goes smoothly, though. Take, for instance, Marques Brownlee’s review of the Humane AI Pin, which created a lot of buzz. The video, titled “The Worst Product I’ve Ever Reviewed… For Now” sparked criticism along with positive feedback. Among the critics was Daniel Vassallo, a former Amazon Web Services engineer,  who found the review distasteful and unethical. According to Vasallo, Brownlee has a large audience and he takes responsibility for not harming new projects. Meanwhile, the other camp of users supported the Youtuber, mentioning that the video was fair and that’s what matters. Frankly, it’s hard to disagree with that one. 

Considering dozens of tech channels and their role on YouTube, we selected the ones that we believe are interesting to watch and follow. Hope you found our list helpful. 

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