The Metaverse welcomes Salvador Dalí

Photo - The Metaverse welcomes Salvador Dalí
The world continues to delve deeper into the metaverse by merging art and virtual reality.
The interdimensional exhibition "Cybernetic Dalí" will open its doors on the 20th of September in Barcelona’s IDEAL Centre d’Arts and will offer spectators an immersive experience into the realm of Salvador Dali’s genius. The showcase “DALÍ CIBERNÈTIC” will manifest the famous painter’s 200 art pieces in a metaverse space. The audience will be given a chance to travel through the mind of the renowned artist digitally - guests will be given virtual reality glasses that will allow them to create avatars and stroll through Dali’s surrealist creations. The entire experience will be narrated by Dali’s voice and art enthusiasts will be able to explore four areas of the artist’s world: the dry desert, the deep sea, the endless sky, and the infinite void. Each exploration of the aforementioned area will last 15 minutes. This will be a significant landmark in the future of merging art and virtual reality, which may shift the art world into blockchain technology. Following the opening of the exhibition in Barcelona, the project will later reach other parts of the world - the international tour will last 4 years and will include 20 other major cities, the first being London in October of 2022. Tickets for the interdimensional exhibition are now available for purchase. The executive director of IDEAL Jordi Sellas also stated that this project was long in the making and was a significant goal for the Digital Arts Center.
From the day we founded the center we set ourselves the goal of organizing an exhibition to live up to the great Salvador Dalí. After almost two years of work we have achieved it, giving shape to what is undoubtedly our most ambitious production so far,
- said Sellas.
The forces behind the project are the Exhibition Hub, which specializes in curating exhibitions on a world scale, and the audiovisual production company Layers of Reality, which focuses its work on constructing immersive digital experiences. The metaverse platform in question is yet unknown. The IDEAL Centre d’Arts in Barcelona is a 2000m2 art space that dates back to 1917. It used to be a key movie theater in the city. The center used to be an important cultural spot for citizens and seated 2500 people. It shut down in 1984 and reopened a year later as a film set. In 2019 it reopened its doors again to the public and now operates as a “space where art, technology and science unite to create new audiovisual content”, in which the guest is the heart of the given art experience. The center is known to be southern Europe’s first place devoted to exhibiting and exploring art in the immersive digital form.