Sorare: how to combine NFT, fantasy, and football?

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Photo - Sorare: how to combine NFT, fantasy, and football?
Sports simulations are one of the most popular games. And what happens if you add cryptocurrency rewards and collectibles to such projects? We’ll get Sorare — a fantasy football game, which is popular among both gamers and top football players.
Fantasy sports is a relatively new but already popular trend in sports and gambling, which competes confidently with bookmakers. Having received wide distribution in the USA and Canada, it successfully spread to other countries.

Fantasy sports began to develop in the 60s of the last century. For a long time, it was represented only by football, which remains the most sought-after segment to this day. Later, basketball, baseball, hockey, biathlon, and cricket were added.

What is the difference between fantasy sports and classic sports simulation or gambling? In these games, the user becomes a virtual team manager, creating it from prototypes of real athletes who take part in real competitions. All players’ actions in offline matches are taken into account online. If an athlete scores a goal or makes a spectacular pass, they will be awarded with additional points, while a yellow or red card will take them away from the total balance.

Sorare: a fantasy football game powered by Ethereum

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Sorare is a game that tried to combine fantasy sports with cryptocurrencies and got fantastic results. This officially registered company has been licensed to use the prototypes of over 300 clubs and their players. In addition to the top football leagues, the project offers independent games for basketball (NBA) fans and baseball (MLB) fans.

Users need to create their own teams of five players. They collect not ordinary cards but NFTs, which are real digital property. Cards can be bought, sold, and traded to build your dream team. It must have a striker, midfielder, defender, and goalkeeper. And you cannot use two cards of the same player.

You can be rewarded with rare collectible cards and cryptocurrency for participation in regular competitions and tournaments. The project also holds contests among active users of social networks, and distributes unique NFTs among the winners.
Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

For gamers who are not ready to immediately invest in trading cards, Sorare offers to try their hand without investment. During the registration process, each new player receives 11 free cards. With their help, you can get acquainted with the game mechanics, participate in championships and even qualify for cash bonuses. You can’t sell such cards, but they allow you to earn money on matches with no risks.

Premium NFTs with real value are sold on the football market. They include single cards, team lineups, and coach cards. The cost of an NFT depends on the actual rating of the athletes and the category to which it belongs (limited, rare, super rare, unique).

Sorare is an ambitious project that strives to be the leader in fantasy sports and is not afraid to experiment with modern technologies. NFTs and cryptocurrency bonuses undoubtedly increase the project’s audience and serve as effective tools to achieve the goal.